By People Staff
May 06, 1996 12:00 PM

O.J. SIMPSON’S EXCLUSIVE TV INTERVIEW last January didn’t contain any revelations about Kato or the Bronco, but it sure had a hot news flash: Ed Gordon, the BET reporter lobbing questions at the Juice. The dapper 35-year-old Detroit native, who has also scored scoops from Whitney Houston and Mike Tyson, receives regular fan mail “about my hazel eyes,” he admits. “I’ve gotten into arguments with people who insist that I wear colored contacts.” But his wife, Karen, 37, an office manager, keeps him down to earth. “I find Ed most appealing when he’s playing with our 3-year-old daughter, Taylor,” she says. Gordon doesn’t like to flaunt his looks, anyway. “Manicures? Pedicures?” he asks. “Lord knows, I’m no mud-bath guy. I shower, wash my hair, and I’m out the door.” Somehow fitting—for one who’s genetically gifted. The eyes come from his mother, Jimmie, a Lena Home look-alike; his 6’2″, 180-lb. frame, from his late father, Ed, a long-jump gold medalist at the 1932 Olympics. Gordon added the Clark Gable mustache “as soon as I was able to grow it,” he says, and now he has no complaints. “I’m happy with the package God gave me.”