October 06, 1975 12:00 PM

Last year the Philadelphia Eagles took up Kung Fu and their record improved scrutably. So this spring the team’s seven linebackers decided that some macho whiskers might make them even tougher—and would be a change at least. “It’s a tough, old bitter business,” says All-Pro Bill Bergey. “You have to do something to offset the miserable part.” At first Bergey’s wife, Micky, insisted that he take it all off, but no more. “It makes him look so ferocious,” she says, “and God knows our defense needs all the help it can get.” Before the season began, the seven hearties vowed they would not lather up until season’s end. Each man chugged a 16-oz. can of Coors to seal the oath. Later, to reinforce their fierce image, the gang donned gunslinger threads and sidled into the saloon at the Hilton Inn, lining up thisaway: from left, Tom Ehlers, Frank LeMaster, John Bunting, Bergey, Kevin Riley, Dean Halverson, Jim Opperman. Despite the hispidity, the Eagles lost their first game to the New York Giants by more than a hair, 23-14.

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