November 06, 2006 12:00 PM

Their latest fashion show sent ballroom dancers—not models—down the catwalk, and their Flowerbomb perfume bottle looks like a grenade, earning it a temporary ban at the Oslo Airport. No wonder then that when Dutch design duo Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren of the Viktor & Rolf label were tapped to create a low-priced, limited-edition line for H&M (which debuts Nov. 9), they decided to start with … a wedding dress? Horsting shrugs: “It’s ironic. It’s fun.”

Whether average American shoppers agree remains to be seen, although H&M collections by Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney sold out at many stores within a day. Viktor & Rolf’s line, which features tuxedo trousers for around $60 and silk dresses for $100, is expected to be a similar success. And in the 13 years since they launched their label, Viktor and Rolf have been a hit with celebs like Sandra Bullock and earned them praise for being “very intellectual,” says H&M head of design Margareta van den Bosch. “They always have a story.”

Natives of small towns in The Netherlands, Horsting, 37, and Snoeren, 36, were design schoolmates and today work steps away from the Van Gogh Museum. Close enough to share the same style haircuts and glasses—they’re often mistaken for twins—there’s no denying their connection. “Our creative moments,” says Horsting, “are when we’re together.”

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