By People Staff
May 31, 1982 12:00 PM

Drum roll, please. And now, presenting the one and only Patrick Fioravanti as he throws himself head over heels into a spirited rendition of the “drum rollover,” a topsy-turvy stunt that caused a sensation when Patrick unveiled it two weeks ago at the Tri-State Music Festival in Enid, Okla. “The crowd wouldn’t stop cheering,” reports the 17-year-old bass drummer for the Tigers, the Tahlequah (Okla.) High School marching band. “They went crazy.” So did the judges, who awarded Tahlequah three first-place trophies. “It was the first time we ever saw anything like it,” enthused one judge. “What a great idea!”

The showstopper that has brought Fioravanti both headlines and headaches was the brainchild of the Tahlequah Tigers’ director, Harvey Price. “I had seen and heard about drum rollovers before, and I thought we should try them in the big contest,” recalls Price, who had little trouble rallying the support of Fioravanti and his co-thumpers. “Price asked us if we could roll on our heads and play the drums without breaking our necks,” says Patrick. “I thought we could—and it worked.”

Fioravanti, who will attend San Diego State University after he graduates next May, says he’ll continue to play the drums as long as he can (head) stand it. Californians, of course, may not be fazed by Fioravanti’s antics since they already march to the beat of a different drummer.