September 25, 2006 12:00 PM

“Adrianne Curry & Christopher Knight

Adrianne: “If he wanted a short woman who could wear high heels and be shorter than him, he should have married one.”

Christopher: “She won’t wear flats even if I plead with her.”

Adrianne: “I don’t really care what he feels like being short.” (Laughs)

Christopher: “I am not acting out of any kind of insecurity. It’s just a little bit ridiculous sometimes when I have to hold onto her hip and tuck up under her arm.”

Adrianne: “I didn’t even notice our height difference until he started always commenting on it.”

Christopher: “My neck hurts a lot.”

Adrianne: “You know what? I wear more shorter heels than I did prior to meeting him. Some of my heels are 2″, 2½″—much smaller than I would have worn prior to our relationship.”

Penny Lancaster & Rod Stewart

“I’m 6′1″. Rod likes a long-legged girl, as everyone knows, and no, he couldn’t care less that I’m taller than him,” Lancaster has said.

Liv Tyler & Royston Langdon in Paris.

André Balazs & Uma Thurman in New York City.

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman

“I can wear heels,” Kidman joked on Letterman shortly after she split from Tom Cruise. Has she banished them again?

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise in Beverly Hills.

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