By People Staff
March 10, 1986 12:00 PM

Hollywood wonder man Steven Spielberg, 38, called baby Max “my biggest and best production” when the tyke was born last June. Not a bad review, coming from a daddy who’s directed four of the Top 10 moneymaking films of all time (Jaws, E.T. and the two Indiana Jones flicks). Spielberg was worth about $100 million at last count, and wife Amy Irving, 32, pulls down an estimated $750,000 per film on the other side of the camera.

Barbara Walters, 54, took $1 million out of ABC’s TV budget, earning perhaps $200,000 more than her closest newswoman rival, Diane Sawyer, of CBS’ 60 Minutes. Off-camera, Walters has been keeping her 20/20s on Merv Adelson, 56, the $650,000-per-year chief of Lorimar Productions (Dallas, Falcon Crest, Knots Landing) and part owner of the too-too ritzy hotel and spa, La Costa (near San Diego), where California’s swells hang out.

When his 1980 bid for a better job (the Presidency and its $200,000 annual salary) fell short, Kansas Republican Robert Dole, 62, stayed in the Senate and became its Majority Leader. Now he earns $85,000 a year—$1,200 less than wife Elizabeth, 49, hired as Secretary of Transportation by the man who beat her husband.

Top billing, not bills, are all that newlyweds Sean Penn, 25, and Madonna, 27, have to worry about. After earning $8 million from her Like a Virgin LP and critical praise for her Desperately Seeking Susan movie debut, suddenly sizzling Lady M signed on to film Shanghai Surprise for $1 million. Word has it that is still $250,000 less than co-star Sean’s salary.

Jessica Lange, 36, and playwright-actor Sam Shepard, 42, have made two movies together (Frances, Country) as well as a daughter, Hannah, born in January. Baby won’t lack for booties. Jessica gets about $2 million for each picture, Shepard about half that when he’s performing.

Gloria Steinem, 51, makes do with an income near six figures from royalties, speeches and her pay as a Ms. editor, but her taste in beaux is richer. Mort Zuckerman, 48, real estate developer and owner of The Atlantic and U.S. News & World Report, is worth $200 million on a good day.

Tantrum ace John McEnroe, 27, collected $1.4 million last year despite losing his No. 1 tennis ranking—which may explain why fiancée Tatum O’Neal, 22, who’s expecting their baby in the late spring, seems unbothered by a string of flops that has left her fee in the $150,000-$250,000 range.

Jerry Hall, 29, may have banked some pretty royalties from her autobiography and a pinup calendar, but she sacrificed a few $5,000-per-day modeling assignments while carrying little James Leroy Augustine Jagger, born in August. No need to contribute food stamps, however; Mick Jagger, 42, Hall’s live-with and one of rock’s richest renegades, earned about $2 million from his LP She’s the Boss.