By People Staff
August 06, 2001 12:00 PM

Working on a movie at Sony Pictures Studios last year, Trevor Morgan was invited to a nearby lot where pal Haley Joel Osment (whom he met on the set of 1999’s The Sixth Sense) was filming A.I. “They pull back this curtain, and there was Steven Spielberg,” says Morgan, 14. “It was just like the Wizard of Oz.” In no need of a trip to Kansas, Morgan was granted a bigger wish: a role in Jurassic Park III as Téa Leoni’s missing son. JP III director Joe Johnston says Morgan was “fantastic. The editor found he could always cut to him because he was always doing something appealing.” Even as a small boy in Chicago, says mom Lisa, 38, a homemaker who raised him and his three older half siblings with dad Joe, 41, a commodities trader, “he was always really animated—he would walk up to someone and say, ‘What do you do? How many kids do you have?’ ”

Acting in commercials by age 5, Morgan moved to Los Angeles with his family in 1997, making his film debut in that year’s Family Plan. Up next? The Rookie, where he plays Dennis Quaid’s character as a child. But first he has some jobs around the house to take care of. Every young actor claims he’s just a normal kid, but Morgan has the paper to prove it. “See?” he says, running to get his chore list from the kitchen. “I still have to clean up after the dog.”