By People Staff
October 25, 1993 12:00 PM

STYLE WEAKNESS: Too trendy for her own good


HELPFUL STYLE TIP: Lighten up! Show us a flash of ankle, a quarter inch of clavicle, a sliver of wrist!

The greatest mystery about Diane Keaton has nothing to do with murders in Manhattan, but rather with fashion overkill. Why on earth would a perfectly gorgeous 47-year-old actress go around garbed in more fabric than a hot-air balloon? Maybe she has spent too much time around her stylistically challenged and legendary phobic buddy and costar, Woody Allen. Always buttoned up at the neck, Keaton’s getups bag to the ankles. Though she culls both from designers (Romeo Gigli and Richard Tyler) and swap meets (a $10 leather vest, a $30 men’s suit), the whole look seems to swing on a misplaced need to hide her own body. She even wears a leotard and footless tights to swim. “I can’t wear a swimsuit,” she has said. “I can’t wear a dress cut on the bias, it’s over for me. I can’t go to a formal and wear a formal gown.” Instead, she went to the 1993 Oscars dressed as a papal chauffeur in a white tux, overcoat and beret, winning fashion bible W’s designation as “worst-dressed star” of the evening. Sniped The New York Times-. “She looked as if she were about to overheat.”

Given all those hang-ups, it is no wonder that the woman who had millions of women raiding their boyfriends’ closets for ties, vests and baggy pants after 1977’s Annie Hall wore snappier duds in Manhattan Murder Mystery, but wasn’t particularly fond of them. Costume designer Jeffrey Kurland put her in jeans, a plaid shirt, elegant jackets and other creative uptown attire, but, she has said, “the whole thing, I would never wear it, never ever!” Kurland calls Keaton “one of those people you can put 400 things on, and she can make it all happen.” But he probably didn’t mean all at once.