May 01, 1988 12:00 PM

One day I was riding to work on a No. 9 bus, then suddenly all this happened.”

—1985, to a fellow guest at a charity function, on finding herself under scrutiny

I suppose you ‘d like it better if I came naked.”

—1987, when a photographer jokingly reprimanded her for wearing an old dress

It’s as old as my husband!”

—1983, in Canada, when told a flag dated back to Queen Victoria’s reign

Life in Buckingham Palace isn’t so bad. But too many formal dinners. Yuk!”

—1981, in a prewedding letter to a pal

I’m a perfectionist with myself, but not necessarily with everybody else.”

—1985, TV interview

Mine are terrible. It’s a nervous habit. I think I’m too old to stop.”

—1985, when asked about biting her nails

I actually wanted to be a dancer, but I overshot the height by a long way. I couldn’t imagine some man trying to lift me up above his arms.”

—1985, TV interview

I like playing bridge, but I’m no good. I talk too much.”

—1986, to a retired woman while visiting a home for the elderly

Pizzas are so useful for a busy housewife, aren’t they? I find them so good for popping under a hot grill.”

—1983, while visiting a frozen foods factory

I’m not made for the production line, you know.”

—1982, when asked if another baby was on the way

I love working with children. And I have learned to be very patient with them. I simply treat the press as though they were children.”

—1981, to a friend

Brain the size of a pea, I’ve got.”

—1986, to a 16-year-old worried about passing his school exams

I don’t want to dive into something without being able to follow it up. Nothing would upset me more than just being a name on the top of a piece of paper and not showing any interest at all.”

—1985, when asked about her charity involvement

I’ll ask him if this looks right or that looks right. But the chances of turning up in what he says are absolutely nil.”

—1985, when asked if she takes Charles’s advice on what to wear

I haven’t a clue.”

—1983, when asked the number of rooms in Buckingham Palace

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