By People Staff
September 26, 1994 12:00 PM

JUST CALL HIM EDWARD Hammerhands. Early in the morning of Sept. 12, Johnny Depp, 31, the conspicuously conflicted, angst-exuding star of Edward Scissorhands and the upcoming Ed Wood, used his fists and combat-boot-clad feet to smash a glass coffee-table top, a lamp stand, a china pot and some antique picture frames in his more-than-$l,200-a-night suite at New York City’s Mark Hotel. To Roger Daltrey, 50, former singer for The Who, who was trying to sleep next door, the ruckus seemed to last forever. “On a scale of 1 to 10,” said Daltrey a veteran suite-smasher, “I give him a 1. It took him so bloody long. The Who could have done the job in one minute flat.”

The police weren’t impressed either. They arrested Depp for criminal mischief, thus adding to a history that includes a 1989 bust in Vancouver, Canada, for assaulting a hotel security guard (after he admitted guilt, the charge was dropped).

One might think that Depp, the owner of L.A.’s Viper Room, would show some consideration for the hospitality industry. This latest mess, though, seems to have started with a fight with his 20-year-old on-again, off-again lover, Kate Moss (with whom he reportedly had a loud, public tiff in the dining room of another posh Manhattan hotel in June). Summoned by hotel security reporting a dispute in Room 1410, cops found the actor in what they called “a state of possible intoxication.” Moss, in pink pants and a shirt, was uninjured. “I was angry,” Depp explained. But the sight of handcuffs startled him. “Ah, you guys aren’t really going to lock me up for this,” he said, incorrectly. Moss was not arrested.

Depp’s lawyer, David Breitbart, noted that his client had been unable to get a room at his usual haunt, the Carlyle Hotel, and “that probably was one of the problems.” In the end the actor spent most of the day in an un-Carlyle-like holding cell. That afternoon, a criminal-court judge dismissed the charge against Depp in less than a minute on the condition that he stay out of trouble for six months. Depp paid the Mark $9,767.12 (including more than $2,000 for damages, plus the bill for the remainder of his reservation). After that he dropped out of sight, while Moss checked in at another hotel, the Royalton. “I guess,” Depp had told the cops earlier, “that she’s mad at me now.”