March 28, 2005 12:00 PM

Most people require pregnancy tests or a doctor’s visit to find out whether they’re going to have a baby. All Ashton Kutcher apparently had to do was pick up a newspaper. On March 13 Britain’s tabloid News of the World claimed that Kutcher, 27, and girlfriend Demi Moore, 42, were eight weeks pregnant, a report that quickly spread. “Why am I the last person to find out everything?” Kutcher joked to reporters that afternoon while promoting his upcoming movie Guess Who. “I’m going to be a daddy? God, no one tells me anything.”

Of course, fans could say the same of the couple themselves, who seemed to deny this latest rumor with less vigor than usual. Moore’s rep Stephen Huvane dismissed the report with a carefully worded reply: “Having another child is something Demi would like to do, but she cannot at this time say she is pregnant.” Kutcher also dodged the question, telling David Letter-man that the story wasn’t true, “not that I know of. I mean, we had sex this week, so it could be.” He continued the zingers on MTV’s Total Request Live, joking that “I took a pregnancy test this morning. I peed negative.”

But what about Moore? The actress, 42, denied she was pregnant when one close friend asked her directly as the rumors began. Reports that Kutcher revealed the pregnancy to friends over dinner at his new sushi restaurant Geisha are “absolutely untrue,” says a source. While Kutcher told Letterman he “absolutely” wants to have children, for now, he seems happier playing coy than playing dad-to-be. “If she is [pregnant],” he told Letterman, “I gotta go find some guy and kick his ass.”

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