By Amy Elisa Keith
January 21, 2008 12:00 PM

Salud!” Debi Mazar toasts her friends gathered at the table in the L.A. home she shares with husband Gabriele Corcos, a percussionist. Over the sound of Afro-Cuban jazz on the stereo, guests are digging into a Tuscan bread soup and sausage with spicy beans. “Amazing,” says Isaiah Washington, there with his wife, Jenisa. “Gabriele, you made the sauce?” asks Sopranos actress Katherine Narducci. He nods and shares the credit with his wife. The 43-year-old Entourage star loves entertaining as much as acting, and her passion is evident at the couple’s frequent dinner parties—and on their six-month-old Italian cooking video blog, Mazar, who first hit the scene as one of Madonna‘s much-photographed friends, acknowledges how much her life has changed in the last 20 years. “Me and Madonna weren’t eating in the ’80s!” says the mother of Evelina, 5, and Giulia, 1. “This is about my life now, as a mother, in love, cooking with family.” (She gained about 80 lbs. with each pregnancy but never gave up pasta to get thin again; she credits Pilates and cardio.) As she and Corcos, 35, plan to post more instructional videos, the good news for their friends is more dinners. The bad news: They’re filmed. “I’m trying to be cute for the cameras,” says Narducci, eyeing her soup, “but I want to tear into this!” Adds Washington: “Debi and Gabriele are a down-to-earth couple. The food they prepare is a bonus.”