April 21, 1997 12:00 PM

When Melrose Place actor David Charvet goes for the green, he doesn’t mean “Show me the money!” Just the color of money. “It is very soothing,” says the former model and Baywatch hunk, 24. “I’m a Taurus and really earthy. Green describes the ground, the earth, stability”—as well as the walls, ceiling and furniture in the first-floor Zen den of his Hollywood Hills bachelor pad. “Green definitely changes the mood,” says Charvet, who banished phone, TV and decoration from the room lest they distract from the sweeping view (“I can see the different colors the sun makes over Los Angeles”) or interfere with his meditating and playing Eric Clapton tunes on his four guitars. “I can be a kid here,” he says, although he has discarded the posters of Stallone and Eastwood that hung in a childhood room in Paris, where he lived with his mother, a boutique owner, his stepfather, a clothing-company executive, and a younger sister. “This is the room where he gets in tune with himself,” says his actor buddy Hector Hank, 25. It is also the room where he gets in tune with his vocal coach, who comes twice a week to help him lose his French accent. After all, says Melrose’s new American adman, “I didn’t have to articulate on Baywatch.”

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