October 25, 1993 12:00 PM

STYLE WEAKNESS: Clothes that fit neither her body nor the occasion


FASHION ADVICE; Listen to Jackie

With her 120 pulchritudinous pounds distributed on a 5’10” frame, Daryl Hannah, 32, could dazzle wearing a brown paper bag. Unfortunately she opts for a pileup of ill-fitting—and revealing—layers that level her bombshell looks. She seemed to have stepped from a Victoria’s Secret catalog at last year’s Oscars, her satin teddy top joined to a sliver of sarong, for another gala, she donned a gown that appeared to have been fashioned from red satin drapes, only Scarlett O’Hara could pull that off. Hannah, who claims to “hate being stared at,” has her own reason for outrageous gestures: Hollywood role-playing. “I say, ‘Okay, tonight I’m gonna dress up like a movie star and make a. big star’s grand entrance.’ ” But what of her typical disasters? “for me, clothes are to be comfortable in,” she has said. “I don’t care about the label.” Indeed, amid rumors that she and JfK Jr. will make an aisle walk, she purchased an antique wedding gown at a Pasadena flea market. While Hannah is keeping any pending nuptials private, she’ll go very public in HBO’s upcoming Attack of the 50-Foot Woman remake. Her wardrobe: a lick of loincloth, for once, the actress—who says she “likes clothes with a sense of humor”—will enter lunging, instead of laughing.

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