PEOPLE goes backstage with this summer's sizzling Dancing with the Stars tour

By Jennifer Wulff
Updated July 09, 2007 12:00 PM

Sure, six-hour-a-day pretour rehearsals are tough, but on the Dancing with the Stars tour—which will shimmy from Miami to Vancouver this summer—sore muscles aren’t the only perils. On June 19, the day before opening night in Austin, Texas, tour vets Joey McIntyre, 34, Joey Lawrence, 31, and season 2 champ Drew Lachey, 30, couldn’t resist hazing new guy Joey Fatone, 30: Mid-rehearsal, McIntyre yanked Fatone’s sweatpants to his ankles. (Ever the pro, Fatone pulled them back up without missing a beat.) But that’s about as wild as it gets. With their families in tow (Fatone, Lawrence and Lachey all have young daughters), “we do joke around,” says Fatone of the cast (John Ratzenberger and current champ Apolo Ohno will briefly join them next week), “but we’re also working hard to get it right.”

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