March 27, 2006 12:00 PM


Life on-screen is perilous for Emilie de Ravin. On Lost, she survived a plane crash, gave birth in the jungle, got kidnapped and had her baby stolen. Now, wouldn’t you know it, she’s battling flesh-eating radioactive mutants in the new movie The Hills Have Eyes—and she gets abducted again in the upcoming indie film Brick. “There’s a big fear element to a lot of my roles,” says the Australian actress, 24. Offscreen, things are more mellow: She splits her time between her L.A. home and the “chill atmosphere” of Lost’s Oahu set.


What’s scarier than cannibal mutants? “The mosquitoes in the jungle” on Lost, she says. “I used to cry as a young child if an ant died. I’ll never kill a spider. But I have an issue with mosquitoes.”


Thanks to her role on Lost, de Ravin—who plans to marry her boyfriend of four years, actor Josh Janowicz, 24, later this year—will have plenty of mothering experience by the time they’re ready to start a family. “Working with a child is hard,” she says. “Finding babies for the show has not been easy at all. They have to constantly be replaced because they grow so much in a week.”


DeRavin spent her high school years at the prestigious Australian Ballet School in Melbourne. So will we see her on a future season of Dancing With the Stars? “I’m not saying I couldn’t,” she says, laughing. “But I don’t want to, thank you.”

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