June 25, 2001 12:00 PM

The revelers were a curious mix: betuxed TV stars and big-haired Texans, willowy models and beefy pro footballers. But by 1 a.m. any differences among the 400 guests at the wedding of former Law & Order actress Angie Harmon and New York Giants cornerback Jason Sehorn were forgotten, as dozens shimmied to the O’ Jays song “Love Train.” Sprinting between twin conga lines with her new husband to a chorus of cheers and a shower of rose petals, Harmon squealed, “Am I dreaming?”

Hardly, Mrs. Sehorn. But with so many family members and friends looking on—and enough blossoms to rival the Rose Parade—the June 9 marriage of Harmon, 28, and Sehorn, 30, certainly qualified as a fantasy evening. Wearing a strapless white-satin Vera Wang gown and an antique tiara borrowed from L.A. jeweler Neil Lane (and sported as a necklace last month by Blink-182 rocker Tom DeLonge’s bride, interior designer Jennifer Jenkins), Dallas native Harmon “looked like a princess,” says a guest.

Her Prince Charming, though, had a little more trouble with his getup. A few days before the wedding Sehorn realized he had left his Zegna tux in New York City. He asked an invitee to bring it with him on his flight the day of the 6:30 ceremony and, displaying game-day nerves of steel, waited calmly for it to arrive. “He got his tuxedo jacket, then his pants, probably 10 minutes before we were supposed to leave for the church,” says groomsman Sonny Stupek, one of Sehorn’s coaches at Shasta College. “It wasn’t until we were on the way that I finally saw any sign of nervousness. His hands were shaking, but he was smiling.”

His smile broadened into a grin when, after a flourish of trumpets, Harmon started down the aisle of the Highland Park Presbyterian Church on her father Larry’s arm. (It was her first wedding; Sehorn’s marriage to college sweetheart Whitney Casey ended after a year in 1999.) Attended by a flower girl, a matron of honor, three bridesmaids and—unconventionally—three male pals as “bridesmen,” she dabbed her eyes before exchanging traditional vows and platinum bands (crafted by close family friend Joe Pacetti) with Sehorn. “Angie normally has that strong, sexy voice, but during her vows she was barely audible,” says Lisa Dawson, Harmon’s agent in her pre-TV modeling days. “She was so moved and full of emotion.”

After the ceremony, guests, including several of Sehorn’s teammates and Law & Order’s Jesse L. Martin and S. Epatha Merkerson (but not Harmon’s mother, Daphne Caravageli, to whom Harmon does not speak), adjourned to the home of Harmon family friend Gerald J. Ford (not the former President) to dine on beef tenderloin and chicken with mango relish. Harmon boogied with pals before she and Sehorn left for the nearby Hotel Crescent Court with a honeymoon at an undisclosed location to follow. Their final destination, though, is no secret. Harmon and California native Sehorn recently bought a brick cottage in Dallas so that Harmon can set up house in her hometown. “You’ve got to live where your heart is,” Sehorn told Stupek. “My heart is wherever Angie is.”

Samantha Miller

Chris Coats in Dallas and Alison Gee and Cynthia Wang in Los Angeles

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