November 19, 1990 12:00 PM

Never mind what gentlemen prefer—Linda Evangelista prefers blond. Or rather, “champagne beige.” That’s the color the 25-year-old supermodel, who redefined hip two years ago when she lopped off her long locks, just dyed her tresses. And in her milieu, the “issue” is more than just splitting hairs. “She was striking as a brunet, but as a blond she looks, well, just ordinary,” decreed Women’s Wear Daily, echoing near-unanimous disapproval. Not that the snooty snub was unexpected. When she first cut her hair short, Linda said, the reaction was cold. Months later she was fashion’s hottest ticket (price: $10,000 and up a day). Explains Ann Veltri, Evangelista’s agent at Elite: “People get panicky when a model changes her look, until a few start liking it—and then it becomes the next big thing.” So, will Linda’s beige bob inspire the copycat coifs her short do did? If it’s any clue, ex-redhead Geena Davis just took the platinum plunge, as did Demi Moore for her role in the movie The Butcher’s Wife, currently being filmed. This season, it seems, blonds really are having more fun.

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