May 21, 2007 12:00 PM


6 lbs. 4 oz.


May 4, 2007

He’s only 5 days old, but Kim Fields’s son is already a showbiz pro. Dressed in his finest for his first photo shoot, Sebastian Alexander Morgan (“Sam,” for short) snoozes in Mom’s lap despite camera flashes and almost a dozen strangers milling about the Harlem brownstone that he came home to just one night earlier. But like any new mom, Fields, 37, couldn’t help fretting. “Last night, I said, ‘The way Sebastian stares off in thought, does that worry you?'” says the former Facts of Life star, who was soothed by her fiancé Christopher Morgan’s response. “Chris said, ‘He’s 4 days old! Nothing worries me right now.'”

The couple—who made the decision to have children when Morgan, a 30-year-old stage actor, brought it up during an N.Y.C. subway ride—didn’t have much to stress about during Fields’s pregnancy either. “I didn’t have one day of sickness,” says the actress, who starred on Facts from 1979-1988 and later on Living Single for four years. Throughout most of her pregnancy, she and Morgan toured the country in the play Issues: We All Got ‘Em. And delivering Sebastian took less than two hours of labor. “I’m fully aware that women are jealous,” she says with a laugh. How did she do it? A lot of walking, a little yoga and a very lucky draw. Says Fields: “I don’t know why God smiled on me, but I’m grateful as all get out that he did.”

So far, Sebastian has been doing his part too, sleeping soundly and keeping mellow. “When he’s alerting us that he wants his diaper changed or needs his grub, he’s very casual about it,” says Fields. The couple’s celeb pals have pitched in too: Malcolm Jamal-Warner sent a Diaper Genie, Samuel L. Jackson gave Sebastian a bassinet, and Blair Underwood got him a stroller-car seat combo. Fields is also taking advice from Facts costar Lisa Whelchel, who’s written several books on parenting (see box). Whenever the couple marry, “he’ll be our ring bearer,” says Morgan with a smile. But May is rich with other milestones for Fields: Besides Sebastian coming along on May 4, Fields has her first Mother’s Day and she turns 38 this month. Cradling her son, Fields has to stop and think about when her birthday falls. “I don’t care anymore,” she says. “My life revolves around May 4 now.”

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