By People Staff
Updated November 14, 2005 12:00 PM

There are amicable divorces. There are bitter divorces. And then there’s no-holds-barred fights like Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin’s. The ex-spouses’ long-simmering custody battle over daughter Ireland, 10, erupted into a boil Oct. 31 at an L.A. superior court hearing. There, Baldwin’s lawyer Vicki Greene lashed out at Basinger, 51, in a 10-minute tirade, claiming that Basinger is “trying to make Ireland afraid of her father” and demanding that Basinger seek parental counseling. Shot back Basinger in a statement Nov. 1: “Everyone knows about Alec Baldwin’s behavioral problems—his anger, his rages—they are, unfortunately, legendary. If his relationship with his daughter is fractured, there is only one person to blame and it is himself.”

Superior court Commissioner Maren Nelson declined to alter Baldwin’s visitation schedule, hammered out in a 2004 custody trial and a volley of recent petitions and accusations (on Sept. 23, he called cops claiming Basinger had denied him access to Ireland). With another hearing slated for Dec. 13, friends see no end in sight. The tug of war, says a source close to Baldwin, 47, “is not in Ireland’s best interest.”