By People Staff
December 03, 2004 12:00 PM

For Gary Dourdan and his kids—daughter Nyla, 6, and son Lyric, 2—December means one special occasion after another: the eight days of Chanukah, Christmas Day and then the seven days of Kwanzaa. “With our family, there are so many mixes, so we tend to celebrate a lot of customs. We light the candles for Chanukah [to celebrate Jewish family members] and the candles are lit for Kwanzaa holiday,” says Dourdan, 37. Still, Christmas is always a main event. “Last year we had the biggest tree ever—it was like the Rockefeller Center tree in my living room,” he recalls. Dourdan’s children, along with other kids, create ornaments out of dough made by his mom, Sandy, who lives nearby. “It’s like Santa’s little helpers,” the actor says. The best part for Dourdan is getting 30 relatives together on Christmas Day. “You look around at your whole family. You realize the Lord is good. Everything is right.”