May 15, 2006 12:00 PM

AGE: 43

WHY YOU KNOW HIM: Gibson played uptight lawyer Greg Montgomery on the hit sitcom Dharma & Greg (1997-2002).

HIS LATEST ROLE: On the CBS serial-killer-nabbing drama Criminal Minds, he plays FBI agent Aaron Hotchner, a member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit.


Gibson says he’s become intrigued by the profiling aspect of his latest role … maybe a little too intrigued. “I definitely try to profile people at the grocery store based on what they’re buying,” he jokes. “I never look at an assortment of groceries the same.”


Nearly two years ago, the actor and his wife, Cristina, moved away from L.A. to her hometown of San Antonio, Texas, along with their three kids, sons J.P., 6, and Travis, 3, and daughter Agatha, 2. “The main motivation is that our children grow up with family around,” says Gibson, who commutes to L.A. while filming. “There is no pretension to [San Antonio],” he says. “It’s a long way from L.A. I never was able to be a Lakers fan—I’m more of a Spurs fan.”


An avid golfer, Gibson recalls one round he shot years ago with Far and Away castmate Tom Cruise. “I made an eagle on the first hole,” says Gibson, who hasn’t kept in close touch with the star. “I kept saying this doesn’t happen very often, but of course [he] didn’t believe it.”


Gibson plans to spend a few weeks this summer with his family in his native Charleston, S.C., and may explore the Southwest. But for now he’s content to hang his hat in Texas. “We’ve got quite an aviary in the backyard,” he says proudly. “In the evenings the bats come and eat the mosquitoes.”

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