The competition heats up between Prince William and Ashton Kutcher for Hottest Bachelor

By People Staff
Updated June 30, 2003 12:00 PM

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Birthday boy: Turning 21 on June 21, William has come of age. He just wrapped up his sophomore year at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and is growing up gracefully. “As he is moving into adulthood, he is very sensible and well-balanced for his age,” says a family friend. “He is a good lad.”

How do you say “heartthrob” in Swahili? William spent three months during his 2001 “gap year” exploring Africa and chose an Out of Africa theme for his 21st-birthday party at Windsor Castle. “I’m trying to teach myself Swahili, which is something that has proved a little harder than I thought,” he told the Scottish Press Association.

Getting his groove on: Last month William turned up at the Kate Kennedy May Ball, one of St. Andrews’ prime social events, alongside roomie and rumored love Kate Middleton, 21. “I love Scottish dancing,” he said. “I’m hopeless at it, but I enjoy it. I do throw my arms dangerously around and girls fly across the dance floor.”

Beware those high kicks: Although he’s most often seen in jeans, William has been known to don a kilt—but only in private: “It’s a bit draughty.”

Home sweet home: At the four-bedroom apartment in the town of St. Andrews that he shared with Middleton, Fergus Boyd and Olivia Bleasdale, William channeled his inner Martha Stewart. “I do have drapes up,” he said. “It makes it more cozy.” And, he added, “I’ve got to have a stereo.”

Movin’ on out: But come fall, William will be changing addresses. “Most people tend to move houses, and that was always my intention,” he said. “In my third year I have fewer lectures and have to spend less time in the university and so I thought: How about moving somewhere different?”

Royal in aisle three: “He goes to Tesco’s and stands in the queue for his groceries like everybody else,” says a St. Andrews local. “He seems to be a polite guy. There are no superstar tantrums going on.”

Getting physical: Although he plays four sports, he said, “I’m not quite doing enough exercise. I’m still pretty unfit.” Um, does “unfit” mean something else in Britain?

He’s a little bit country: “I’m a country boy at heart,” said William, who spent two months in ’01 milking cows and driving a tractor on a Gloucestershire dairy farm. “He got up early and worked late,” says farm manager Rupert Cox. “He fit in with everybody from the owners to farmhands.”

But he’s a city boy too: “I love the buzz of towns and going out with friends and sitting with them drinking,” he said. But in public, “he doesn’t get drunk, he doesn’t lose control,” says a bartender at Nam Long-Le Shaker, a trendy Vietnamese restaurant in London where William favors White Panthers (Malibu white rum, Amaretto and creme de banane). Should you ever have the miraculous good fortune of running into Will at a bar and wish to buy him a round, here’s a tip: “Everybody thinks I drink beer,” he said, “but actually I like cider.”

Man with a plan: The future king “is strong-minded without being arrogant,” says a longtime associate. Adds a Palace source: “He doesn’t make snap decisions.”

Thanks, Mum and Dad: William is his mother’s son—and his father’s. “He has the sensitivity and thoughtfulness of Charles,” says a source, along with Diana’s “dirty sense of humor, physique and sportiness.”

And don’t forget Harry: William is closer than ever to his 18-year-old brother, whose roguish impulses contrast with his own more reserved demeanor. Says Peter Archer, the British journalist who conducts many of the prince’s interviews: “They are realizing that their brother can be a friend and not a rival.”

Warming trend: William also has grown to accept Charles’s relationship with longtime love Camilla Parker Bowles. “He is adult enough to know that Camilla makes his father happy,” says Archer.

What’s next: Two years remaining at St. Andrews, where he is majoring in art history, and then a possible army stint with the Welsh Guards. And then, of course, there’s…

A date with destiny: “He has come to terms with the thought that one day he will be king,” says Archer. “If he is asked if he wants to be king, he would say yes now. Before he would have hesitated.”

But until then: “He’s having the time of his life,” says author Hoey. “He likes being the center of attention. He knows he’s good looking, he knows he can have almost any girl he likes, and he thoroughly enjoys it.”


These and some 600 other works by the Renaissance master actually belong to the Queen. But like the other 7,000 works in the Royal Collection, William gets to visit them whenever he likes. Three years ago, for his university entrance exam, he wrote a dissertation on the drawings, which include (1) a study for a sculpture of a horse (1488) and (2) a study for “The Last Supper” (1495-1497).


Since his mid-teens, William has been linked with a number of blue-blooded British girls: pal Emilia D’Erlanger, who joined the prince and his brother and father on an Aegean cruise four years ago; Arabella Musgrave, the daughter of a polo club executive; Natalie Hicks-Lobbecke, a charity project manager; fellow St. Andrews student Bryony Daniels. In recent months, though, tongues have been wagging over William’s relationship with one of his St. Andrews roommates for the past year, Kate Middleton, 21. Are they more than buds? Nonsense, says a friend of the royal family. “He would be mad to go out with a girl he lives with, as the media would have a field day.” And a Palace source bristles at the implication that “he cannot have a friend who is female.” Meanwhile, just last week reports surfaced of another possible close relationship. This one, with Jessica (Jecca) Craig, 21, whom he met during his spring 2001 visit to Africa, was also roundly denied. Says a mutual friend: “It is absolute rubbish. She has had a boyfriend for more than two years.”

  • After losing a polo match on June 14, William’s day didn’t improve as he headed home. Trailing a slow-moving white Land Rover belonging to Earl Bathurst, the owner of the estate that houses Cirencester Park Polo Club, the prince drove his VW Golf over some grass to pass him and gave a short wave. Piqued, the earl gave chase, prompting William’s security detail to force him off the road. “I thought he was just a yob speeding on my land,” said the earl. “It never occurred to me that it was Prince William.” Once William was home and the dust had settled, his father made amends. “Prince Charles has apologized,” said Lord Bathurst. “I hope he will tell his son to abide by the rules in the future.”


Though he wouldn’t get to rule for 12 years, William IV (left, 1765-1837) was at 52 the oldest future king to marry. At 13, Henry IV (1367-1413) was the youngest. He was crowned 19 years later, at 32.

Who you callin’ a himbo? Despite his TV persona as the IQ-challenged Kelso on FOX’s long-running That ’70s Show, in real life Kutcher “is just naturally a really smart guy,” says his ’70s costar Mila Kunis. “He’s a really great businessman.” No kidding: He’s currently negotiating with MTV to raise his salary for another season of Punk’d, his surprise hit show that plays practical jokes on celebs. Adds Amy Smart, his costar in the upcoming drama The Butterfly Effect: “He’s charismatic and funny and goofy. But he also can become extremely serious and focused. It’s an interesting combination.”

On the bright side: “He’s the kind of person who makes you feel good when you’re around him,” says Smart. “He lives in the present. He’s so humorous that it rubs off. He lights you up.”

And on the not-so-dark side: “Even if he’s in a bad mood, he just gets quiet,” says Kunis. “He doesn’t get mad.”

A passion for fashion: “I always try to do something a little different,” he says of his style, which ranges from truck-stop chic to mack-daddy cool. “It’s always fun to change. The way you dress says something about who you are.”

So is that where he met Demi? When it comes to prospective mates, “you meet people in church and in the library,” he says, “not in a bar.”

Manicure, stat! “I bite my nails,” he says. “That’s how I keep them trim. I don’t even remember the last time I had to use fingernail clippers.”

If he builds it, they will come: “He can do stuff better than people who have spent their whole lives trying,” ’70s executive producer Jeff Filgo says of Kutcher’s carpentry skills. Oh, and ahem, “He’s good with his hands.”

Ouch! “He’s so willing to go out on a limb and make fun of himself,” says Smart. Maybe too far out. “Ashton doesn’t care if people say he can’t do something,” says his pal and ’70s costar Wilmer Valderrama. “He’ll try it for the first time and learn it. Like if his role on the show requires him to make an insane jump over a couch, he’ll do it. He gets hurt all the time.”

You’re on candid Kutcher: Potential girlfriends beware: Kutcher is a master practical joker. (After all, he does it for a living.) “He’s real quick,” says director David Zucker, who worked with Kutcher on the upcoming film My Boss’s Daughter. “He’s up for a prank at any time. He gets a joke immediately.”

Pucker up: “When he comes into a room, there’s a lot of presence about him,” says Kunis, who received her very first kiss from him at age 15 on That ’70s Show. Is he a good kisser? “Of course he is, look at him! He has very soulful lips.”

Shakin’ what his Mama gave him: “I just love milk shakes,” says the sugar-craving Kutcher. “My favorite is strawberry. I get them everywhere I can, but I love to make them myself at home with lots of ice cream.”

Behind the picket fence: Christopher Ashton Kutcher (he dropped his first name when he started modeling in New York City in 1997) was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and later moved to the tiny town of Homestead (pop. 100). “You can definitely tell there’s a small-town boy inside of him,” says Smart. “There’s a sweetness to him.”

Meet the Kutchers: “Family is very important to him,” says Filgo. (Kutcher’s parents, Larry, 54, and Diane, 51, who divorced when he was a teen, are former factory workers; big sis Tausha, 28, is an elementary school art teacher and fraternal twin Michael works in banking.) “His parents and his brother still come and visit him on the set.”

Why Mom would love him: “He’s a real gentleman,” says Valderrama. And he doesn’t kiss and tell. Of his relationship with ex-girlfriend Brittany Murphy, 25, he told Rolling Stone, “I’d rather not talk about it. I don’t want her to read this and feel bad.”

Why Dad wouldn’t: “I get really giddy and stupid with girls,” says Kutcher. “Women, that’s my vice. I love the company of women. I fall in love superfast, and I’ll want to spend the next week together, 24 hours a day. I will drop everything when it’s starting, and that’s stupid. If you’re not going to take a week off on a regular basis, then don’t do it in the beginning.”

Call me, okay? “If you walk into a bar with Ashton, you’re invisible,” says Zucker. “All the women are looking at him. He’s striking, but he has a personality that totally disarms you. Women just love him.”


The Ashton and Demi Show is still going strong. On June 12 the couple turned up at L.A.’s trendy Spanish Kitchen restaurant with a group of pals. The next morning the two were spotted leaving Kutcher’s house. Of course, he’s already been to Moore’s adopted state of Idaho, first attending a school awards ceremony in Sun Valley with her ex Bruce Willis and their daughter Scout, then going to a showing of Bruce Almighty with Moore’s oldest daughter, Rumer. And recently Willis himself weighed in, giving Moore his blessing on TV. “I wish her nothing but the best,” he told Diane Sawyer. “She does look great.” Addressing the age difference, Willis noted, “We’re all 25 in our heart,” adding, “You know that I date younger women.” Besides, he said Kutcher “is a pretty cool guy. We hang out.”

But what about those rumors that Kutcher recently had a date with ex-girlfriend Brittany Murphy at L.A.’s Standard Lounge? They’re nonsense, according to his rep Matt Le Bov, who also dismisses a tabloid report that had Kutcher flirting with a young woman at a Los Angeles Sprint store: “I’m getting 10 calls a day about this stuff,” says Le Bov.

Will Kutcher’s relationship with Moore prove to be more than a fling? Or will he soon be spotted with someone else? Stay tuned.

Kutcher’s first long-term relationship was with model-turned-actress January Jones, 25, whom he met on an Abercrombie & Fitch photo shoot in ’98. Neither Kutcher nor Jones, who appears in August’s American Wedding, has revealed why their three-year relationship ended, but Jones recently said they’re still on good terms. A nine-month relationship with The WB’s Birds of Prey star Ashley Scott, 25, followed, but, said Scott, they were both “going in different directions.” Kutcher headed in the direction of his Just Married costar Brittany Murphy, 25, whom he described as “the total package” and “the most caring human being on the face of the planet.” But after seven PDA-filled months, the two called it quits. Now reportedly seeing her manager Jeff Kwatinetz, 38, Murphy may also be enjoying the charms of an older admirer. Yes, they’ve each moved on, but thanks to a certain frothy romantic comedy now on DVD, “Brittany,” Kutcher has said, “will forever be my first wife.”


That ’70’s Show Kutcher

(with co-stars) got his big break when he was cast as the dim Michael Kelso in 1998.

Just Married
After wrapping this year’s romantic romp, he and costar Brittany Murphy dated briefly, then split.

Since the MTV show’s spring debut, creator Kutcher has pulled tricks on celebs like Justin Timberlake.

Ashton’s Family Album

We all watched Prince William grow up. Now here’s Ashton, straight from the heartland

Ashton (left) and his fraternal twin, Michael (above at 1 month), were born premature on Feb. 7, 1978. While Ashton was healthy, Michael had to go on oxygen “for some time,” says dad Larry.

Michael (with Ashton in ’96) was diagnosed with myocarditis in ’91 and underwent an emergency heart transplant. Healthy now, he recalls growing up with his brother: “Ashton was more outgoing and more the sports type than me, but we liked wrestling and playing tennis together.”

Kutcher (at his Clear Creek Amana High School prom in Iowa) “was popular with the young ladies,” recalls principal Tom McDonald.

Ashton, above at 10 (note the mullet) said that he was a late bloomer.

Kutcher graduated from high school in 1996. “He was an excellent student, one of our best,” remembers principal McDonald. “He was on honor roll and in National Honor Society.”

Ashton (with big sister Tausha in 2002) “is very family-oriented, even though his mother and I are divorced,” says his dad. “He has contact with everyone weekly.”


Age: 43

Height: 5’9″

Status: Never married

Residence: A five-bedroom home in London

Education: Attended boarding schools in England

Romantic history: Currently dating Extra correspondent Terri Seymour. Past loves have included models and dancers.

Attention, Ms. Wrong: “Nice people bore me,” Cowell says. “I like spoiled, bitchy girls. I’m very good at spoiling.”

His rules of dating: Nobody too young (“the mid-to late 30s—for me that is the sexiest age right now”) or too tall (“I would never date a girl who’s taller than me—I just hate that whole Dudley Moore syndrome”).

Getting to first base: “I’m a good kisser,” he says. “There are certain things you don’t do. You don’t bite someone, and you don’t stick your tongue down their throat. I think kissing is the sexiest thing in the world. A good kiss can last for hours.”

Kissing Paula Abdul: A staged kiss for a spoof on American Idol “wasn’t torture,” says Cowell, who admits that their relationship has warmed. “I said to her afterwards, ‘I think you’d probably be very good in bed.’ She winked.”

A few pluses: “He’s arrogant with his career because he knows what he’s talking about,” says ex-girlfriend and former model Jackie St. Clair. “But with women, there’s no arrogance there.” Noting that Cowell takes two baths a day, St. Clair adds, “He’s the cleanest, most well-scrubbed person you could wish to meet. He washes his hair and shaves each time. He’s just squeaky clean; he smells fresh always.”

And a couple of minuses: He chain-smokes Kools. And he’s a late riser. “I just can’t function in the mornings,” he says. “I never schedule a single appointment before 12 o’clock.”

His Achilles heel: “He’s very superstitious,” says St. Clair. “The number 13 fills him with trepidation. He won’t put a book down if the page is l3, 113, 213 or even if the numbers add up to 13.”

His warm-and-fuzzy side: Cowell loves to spend lazy Sundays having breakfast in bed and watching his favorite cartoon characters: Dick Dastardly, Penelope Pitstop and Muttley the dog.

His MO: “I don’t use pickup lines. They’re phony. The idea of having some premeditated action is quite dull.”

A warning: “I love the chase,” he says. “Then you get sort of bored.”

Dream girl: “The sexiest girl around at the moment is Demi Moore. She looks sophisticated and sexy.”


He’s nice to his mother, Julie, 76. He talks to her every day and has lunch with her every Sunday when he’s in the U.K.

He gives great presents. “I’m generous,” says Cowell, who has presented girlfriends with the likes of a spur-of-the-moment trip to Bali or a brand-new Mercedes.

He’s a pet lover. He donates to animal charities and regularly volunteers to walk strays at a London shelter. He doesn’t have a dog of his own, he says, because “I’m away too much; it’s not fair to the animal.”

Rahsaan Bahati


Age: 22

Height: 6 ft.

Status: Never married

Residence: Los Angeles and Bloomington, Ind.

Education: Attends Indiana University

CV: Pro cycling may be a demanding sport, but Bahati says it hasn’t prevented him from marking life’s milestones. There’s one exception, though. “I went to the junior national championships in Connecticut,” he says, “and I crashed. I remember the exact moment I crashed, thinking to myself, ‘I should have gone to my high school graduation.’ ” Bahati, who now rides for top-ranked Team Saturn, admits he gets his share of attention from the women on campus but adds that “it’s not like I’m a rock star or something. I certainly don’t think I’m a celebrity.”

What a catch: “I like everything to be clean,” he says. “I’m not neat, neat, neat, but I like to be organized.”

Dream girl: “Education and personality are important to him,” says fellow racer and college pal Kenneth Burgess. “He dated one girl who was going to med school, another was pre-law, and several were business majors.” Bahati adds that while he likes attractive women, “personality is key. Some girls are really beautiful, but their attitude stinks.”

Colin Hanks


Age: 25

Height 6’1″

Status: Never married

Residence: A house in L. A.

Education: Attended Loyola Marymount University

CV: While acting may seem like the obvious career choice for Hanks—yes, his dad is Tom—he didn’t break into showbiz without careful deliberation. “It was something I really enjoyed doing,” says Hanks, “but I wanted to make sure I was doing it for the right reasons.” After two years on the WB series Roswell, he leaped to leading-man status on the big screen in 2002’s Orange County, and he stars opposite Hilary Swank in the upcoming 11:14. When he’s not working, Hanks is expanding his culinary repertoire. “I’m more of a take-out guy,” he says, “but I’m trying to become more of a cook type of guy.”

What a catch: “Colin’s got great manners,” says his Orange County costar Schuyler Fisk. “He doesn’t overdo it, he’s just very kind and thoughtful.”

Dream girl: “She has to be funny and cool and not afraid of being a dork, because I’m a huge dork,” says Hanks.

Adrien Brody


Age: 30

Height: 6’1″

Status: Never married

Residence: Los Angeles and Manhattan

Education: LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in Manhattan

What’s in it for you? What, are you kidding? Just ask Halle Berry.

Let him entertain you: To portray The Pianist’s Wladyslaw Szpilman, Brody learned to play works by Chopin. He’s also a hip-hop enthusiast who has produced demo tracks under the name of A. Ranger. He’s even mulling a collaboration with pal P. Diddy. “He’s as serious about his music as he is about his acting,” says Keith Gordon, who directed Brody in October’s The Singing Detective.

Ladies’ man: Brody, who dated DJ Sky Nellor and actress Monet Mazur, escorted Nicole Kidman to a Manhattan fashion gala in May. Recently, he has been seen with noncelebrity Michelle Dupont. “All my friends think he’s so sexy,” says Pianist costar Jessica Kate Meyer. “There’s this sensitivity. And those beautiful eyes.”

Brooks Witter


Age: 27

Height: 5’6″

Status: Never married

Residence: A Boulder, Colo., house

Education: Brown University, B.A.

CV: He’s the great-grandson of Dean Witter, cofounder of the investment firm, but his own interests lie elsewhere. Currently enrolled in the psychotherapy program at Boulder’s Buddhist-inspired Naropa University, the former religion major sculpts, plays the guitar and sings and on weekends performs in a Denver comedy group. He also likes modern dance and says he’s “trying to learn break dancing.” Before settling on a career in counseling, Witter worked as a landscape photographer. But, he says, “after two unsuccessful years, I decided to look for something more stable. I feel like I’m going to be a good therapist.”

What a catch: “Brooks has a lot of female friends because he’s sensitive and he’s a good listener,” says pal Elizabeth Rosser, an acting coach. “He told me not to say this, but he tears up very easily—over a sad film or when something moves him. He’s extraordinarily empathetic.”

Dream girl: “Someone who can keep up with me on a bike ride or trail,” he says. “Someone with whom I can share my spirituality—though she does not necessarily have to be Buddhist.”

Anthony Japour, M.D.


Age: 43

Height: 5’11”

Status: Single and gay

Residence: A Miami Beach condo

Education: University of Michigan, B.S.; Northwestern University, M.D.

CV: During his residency at Harvard, Japour began researching AIDS treatments and won an amfAR award for his work. Last fall, colleagues in the field recommended him for the position of FDA commissioner. When he wasn’t selected, Japour, who grew up in Detroit the son of deaf parents, decided “to go for a new life, and Miami is spiritually right for me,” he says. Through his AJ Japour Gallery, an online collection that features the work of contemporary artists (the pieces are on display in his apartment), he wants “to give as much as I can from my gallery to charity,” he says.

What a catch: “Tony is very generous,” says Tania Gomez, gallery vice president. “I constantly have to rein him in because he wants to give everything away.”

Dream guy: “To me, love is instantaneous and clear. I’m just waiting for the right person to smile at me and accept me for what I am.”

Richard Botto


Age: 34

Height: 5’9″

Status: Divorced

Residence: A house in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Education: Long Island University, B.A.

CV: After jobs with Bankers Trust, Johnson & Johnson, and several Internet companies, Botto decided to strike out on his own. He admits he had little experience in the field, but “publishing and the thought of becoming a published writer was something I had dreamed about,” he says. Today, as the hands-on publisher of the privately funded Razor, a nearly three-year-old lifestyle magazine for men, he insists the best part of the job is “that I created it.”

What a catch: “Richie has always had a way with the girls,” says Botto’s childhood friend Tom Delfino, an electrical contractor. “He’s got a really outgoing personality and he’s genuinely nice.” Another plus: He has a 1958 Corvette and is the part owner of 14 racehorses.

Dream girl: Botto generally prefers brown-eyed brunettes, but most appealing, he says, is “a woman who has class and style to go along with a vibrant personality. A woman who sees the entire world as a place to be explored.”


Age: 38

Height: 6’1″

Status: Never married

Residence: L.A.

Education: Attended De La Salle College, Toronto

It’s not about the money: As Neo, the black-robed hero of the Matrix franchise, his paycheck hit $30 million for both sequels. But the Shakespeare buff wants to focus on less lucrative passions: live theater and playing bass in his grunge-folk band Dogstar.

The Eloise syndrome: Though he just bought an estate in the Hollywood Hills, Reeves prefers living in hotels. “I like room service,” he told England’s NOW magazine. “I’m used to it.”

Mr. Generosity: The motorcycle enthusiast shocked The Matrix Reloaded’s 12 stuntmen by buying them each a new Harley-Davidson. At the film’s wrap party, he handed out 29 cases of 1993 Dom Pérignon to the tune of $50,000.

An ideal date: “He is good fun to be around, easy to talk to and get on with,” says Rachel Jones, a British radio reporter who went out with Reeves while the Matrix series was being filmed in Australia. “He’s the sort of person where you spend a while in his company and you feel you’ve known him longer than you have.”

But don’t pick out a china pattern just yet: Go ahead and share his taste for cafes, nightlife and vintage cabernet sauvignon, but know that his career comes first. “Work means I’m on the road a lot,” Reeves said recently. “When I’m working, I think only about work. Girls have got close very rarely.”

Jimmy Chin


Age: 29

Height: 5’7″

Status: Never married

Residence: An apartment in Jackson, Wyo.

Education: Carleton College, B.A.

CV: “I grew up looking at National Geographic,” says Chin. “I always wondered who was taking the photos and how.” Today, Chin is the “who” and natural talent appears to be the “how,” since he has no formal photography training. “I just started shooting on my climbing trips,” says the Mankato, Minn., native, who spent five years teaching mountain climbing and skiing. Now a North Face-sponsored climber and skier, Chin runs his own photography business while juggling other assignments for Outside magazine and Men’s Journal. “I’m all over the planet,” he says.

What a catch: “Not all men can get away with wearing their hair in a ponytail, but for him it’s very natural,” says Rebecca Martin, executive director of Geographic’s expedition program. “Everything Jimmy says and does is 100 percent genuine.”

Dream girl: “Someone with drive and fire. Intelligence is important,” Chin notes. “Athleticism would be nice.” And it might help if she likes to eat out. “When I’m home, I still live like I’m traveling,” he says. “I have nothing in my refrigerator.”

Ben Silverman


Age: 32

Height: 6’3″

Status: Never married

Residence: A house in the Hollywood Hills

Education: Tufts University, B.A.

CV: While working in London for the William Morris Agency, Silverman helped bring The Weakest Link and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to American audiences. Now, as CEO of Reveille Studios, he’s unleashing a new reality show, The Restaurant, next month and a sitcom, Coupling, in the fall, both on NBC. But he would never look for romance on a TV show. “I wouldn’t want my life exposed that much to everyone,” he says. “And I wouldn’t want to be in a manipulated situation.”

What a catch: “The thing that strikes me the most about him is his relationship with his family. He’s the one everyone turns to when there is a problem,” says actress Amanda Peet, a close pal. “All of my girlfriends have a crush on him. They ask me to match them up with him.” When he’s with a girlfriend, says Silverman, “I pay the way 100 percent of the time—for everything. I’m old-fashioned that way.”

Dream girl: “I’m looking for someone energetic, confident, giving, warm, devoted, funny, athletic, angelic,” he says. “It’s not about looks—it’s about attraction.”

Luke Flynn


Age: 27

Height: 6’3″

Status: Never married

Residence: His family’s Jamaican estate; crashes with friends and family when he’s in New York City and L.A.

Education: Manhattan’s LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts

CV: The apple—or in this case the coconut—doesn’t fall too far from the tree for the grandson of screen icon Errol Flynn, who relocated to Jamaica in 1942. “I got a little tired of all the traveling involved in modeling,” says Flynn, who has appeared in ads for Tommy Hilfiger, Armani and Banana Republic. “I wanted to be more stationary and concentrate on my acting.” Flynn is taking acting classes while pursuing his dream of opening a public school in Jamaica. “They don’t have free education down there,” Flynn says. “I want to teach the kids modern-day skills.”

What a catch: “It’s like a Hallmark card,” says Flynn’s stepmother, Patti Stoecker, “but Luke really likes sunsets, kids, animals, family, the beach—you can’t even believe a guy like this exists in this day and age.”

Dream girl: “I like easygoing people and creative people,” says Flynn. “But I don’t have one certain type of woman that I like. Either you click or you don’t.”


The Australian actor (1909-59) reigned for over 25 years as Hollywood’s top swashbuckler, playing dashing heroes like ’35’s Captain Blood (above).

Trey McIntyre


Age: 33

Height: 6’6″

Status: Single and gay

Residence: A Victorian cottage in Portland, Ore.

Education: North Carolina School of the Arts; Houston Ballet Academy

CV: As an awkward, overweight 11-year-old, McIntyre took ballet lessons at his mom’s insistence. Now, as a choreographer, he gets to call the shots, though he admits, “I have to go where the work is.” Last year he choreographed a full-length version of Peter Pan for the Houston Ballet; his most recent ballet, Full Grown Man, had its New York City premiere in May.

What a catch: “Trey likes to go out, have fun, be wacky, hula-hoop, play with rubber-band guns and carry me on his shoulders,” says his friend Kirsty Munn, a costumer. “He’s cuddly and dynamic. He’s like the best childhood friend you could ever have.” A bonus: In Portland, says Munn, McIntyre “drives this huge hilarious truck. It’s totally sexy. He’s the tall blond boy getting out of the giant silver truck.”

Dream guy: “I’m looking for someone who has opinions,” says McIntyre. “I’m also looking for someone who is really kind and treats their friends well.”

Eduardo Verástegui


Age: 29

Height: 6’1″

Status: Never married

Residence: A Los Angeles apartment

Education: La Prepa Mante, a high school in Ciudad Mante, Mexico

CV: At 17, hoping to launch a singing and acting career in Mexico City, Verástegui left his family’s home in rural Tamaulipas with $200 and “a big suitcase of dreams.” In short order, he recorded two albums with the pop group Kairo and landed roles on Mexican soap operas. After relocating to Miami in 2000 to record a solo album (he also appeared in the music video for Jennifer Lopez‘s “Ain’t It Funny”), Verástegui got his major U.S. break by chance—meeting a studio exec on a plane. He got an audition and earned the title role in last spring’s comedy Chasing Papi. “It was like my American dream,” he says. It was also his impetus to learn English: “I took classes every day.”

What a catch: “He doesn’t try to be debonair or a ladies’ man. He’s just a naturally good guy,” says Verástegui’s Papi costar Jaci Velasquez. “He’s the kind of guy you marry and take home to Mom.”

Dream girl: “I need to find a person with integrity and principles,” says Verástegui. “A smart woman who has loyalty and a great sense of humor.”

Cris Judd


Age: 33

Height: 5’10”

Status: Divorced

Residence: L.A.

Education: Attended Okaloosa-Walton Community College, Niceville, Fla.

CV: He’s had no problem handling the attention that came with winning ABC’s I’m a Celebrity—Get Me Out of Here! in March. But the former Mr. Jennifer Lopez is still adjusting to bachelorhood. “It’s day by day,” says Judd, who’s comforted by his 2-year-old chocolate Lab, a gift from his ex. “I’ll always have Buster. He’s always so happy to see me.” Although Judd and his choreography partner are currently working on an instructional dance DVD, he’s also taking acting lessons and auditioning for roles. “People know me as a dancer,” he says. “They don’t know me as an actor or director…yet.”

What a catch: “Sometimes we’ll go dancing,” says Judd’s best pal, That ’70s Show’s Wilmer Valderrama. “It’s a little tough to dance around him because he’s the man!”

Dream girl: Says Judd: “Just someone easygoing, kind of simple in her ways.”

Big Tigger


Age: 30

Height: 5’10½

Status: Never married

Residence: A house in Fort Lee, N.J.

Education: Attended the University of Maryland, College Park

CV: As an ambitious radio station intern in 1994 at WPGC in Washington, D.C., Tigger “harassed everyone on planet Earth to give me a job,” he remembers. Today he hosts BET’s Rap City: Tha Bassment, deejays New York City and Miami radio shows and heads the syndicated weekly radio countdown Live in the Den with Big Tigger. He also founded the nonprofit Street Corner Foundation, which benefits urban communities through HIV/AIDS and literacy awareness programs.

What a catch: “His best attributes are his smile and his dimples,” says Tigger’s pal, rapper Lil’ Kim, who points also to “his fun, spontaneous personality.” Not to mention his secret talent: foot massages. “After a long day, to have somebody massage your feet—women love that,” Tigger says.

Dream girl: “She should be naturally attractive and goal-oriented,” says Tigger, who hopes to find “my best friend, my lover, someone I can play ball with. You know—my everything.”

Brian Vahaly


Age: 23

Height: 6 ft.

Status: Never married

Residence: A house in Atlanta, though he’s on the road 45 weeks a year

Education: University of Virginia, B.S.

CV: An academic all-American, Vahaly is the only player in the Top 100 with a college degree. “Tennis isn’t everything,” he says. “I wanted to mature as a person off the court.” On the court, Vahaly’s ranking has leapt from No. 1,520 in the world to No. 50 in just two years.

What a catch: Fellow pro Andy Roddick calls his close friend “the kind of guy you’d want your sister to date. He’s one of the sweetest people I’ve met.” Roddick’s girlfriend, singer Mandy Moore, agrees: “He’s the type of guy who would go out of his way to pay someone a compliment or help out a friend in a sticky situation.” He’s thoughtful too, which is why he won’t give a girl flowers. “It’s like, ‘I’m thinking about you, but I don’t want to think too hard, so here’s some flowers,’ ” he explains. “If you know a person well, you should be able to get the right gift at the right time.”

Dream girl: “She’d have to have a strong faith, because I want to share that level of faith with someone,” says Vahaly, a Presbyterian. Otherwise, he says, “I’m pretty open-minded.”

Jason Lewis


Age: 32

Height: 6’1½

Status: Never married

Residence: A Manhattan apartment he shares with Knuckles and Beqa, his Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Education: Los Alamitos High School, Calif.

CV: Before being cast as the latest love interest (see “Sam’s Club,” right) of man-eater Samantha Jones in Sex and the City’s final season, Lewis was a model for Tommy Hilfiger and Guess? “It was a great job,” he says. “It just wasn’t a career.” Making the move to acting, with small TV and film roles, he says, “just felt right.”

What a catch: The self-confessed romantic once wooed a girlfriend by filling her apartment with 1,000 candles and flower petals. “He’s kind of unusual—he’s a gentleman,” says grandmother Helen Hagee. “He is gallant and courteous and has an optimistic outlook on life. He also has a pretty good dimple!”

Dream girl: “I like somebody who’s independent but still has the confidence to support you in what you do. It’s something in here,” he says, tapping his chest. “It’s that spark—that’s the most attractive thing to me on the planet.”

Stephen C. Lincoln


Age: 33

Height: 6’2½

Status: Never married

Residence: A Manhattan apartment

Education: San Francisco State University, B.A.

CV: After losing 82 lbs. by eating sensibly and exercising, Lincoln decided others would benefit from his regimen, which allowed sweets in moderation. The idea behind The Protein Bakery, launched in 1999, is “to take a cookie or a brownie, which people eat all the time, and add balance and nutrition to it,” says Lincoln. Between his duties as group fitness director at Manhattan’s David Barton Gym and acting jobs—he’s appeared on Guiding Light—Lincoln and his staff oversee the production and delivery of 3,000 cookies and 2,000 brownies a week. They’re sold in upscale department stores and online as well as in New York City gyms, coffee shops and theaters. Says Lincoln: “I may not be on Broadway just yet, but my cookies are.”

What a catch: “He’s big on romantic getaways,” says friend Christine Carrigan, a fitness director for Crunch gyms. “He’ll plan trips from beginning to end.”

Dream girl: “A combination of Calista Flockhart’s mind and Jennifer Garner‘s body,” says Lincoln.

Jeffrey Postell


Age: 21

Height 5’9″

Status: Never married

Residence: He lives with his grandmother, who raised him, in Andrews, N.C.

Education: Andrews High School

CV: On May 31, Postell arrested a vagrant who turned out to be Eric Rudolph, one of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives. A suspect in the 1996 Olympic bombing in Atlanta, as well as in several others in the South, Rudolph had evaded capture for seven years. After Postell found him digging through a Dumpster in Murphy, N.C, the town’s mayor proclaimed the rookie cop “America’s most eligible bachelor.” But Postell isn’t interested in accolades. “Helping people means a lot to me,” he says.

What a catch: “I’m easygoing, and I’m pretty much a sensitive person,” he says. “He is respectful of women and always trustworthy,” adds dispatcher Charlotte Teague. “He follows the law to the letter, but he’s also compassionate.”

Dream girl: “I have to be with someone who respects my job because of the long hours,” says Postell, who has been dating a teacher for three months. “She has to be someone who likes to have fun.”

Kiko Ellsworth

Age: 30

Height: 6’1″

Status: Never married

Residence: An apartment in Studio City, Calif.

Education: Palisades High School

CV: Ellsworth’s entrance into showbiz was as unlikely as the fangs he sprouts on the vampire-themed ABC soap opera Port Charles. As a UPS deliveryman and bartender, the striking Ellsworth was often asked if he acted. “One day my friends cornered me at the gym and said, ‘Just go down to an agency and talk.’ ” He did, and after paying for acting lessons with his bartending earnings, the Los Angeles native landed the role of Jamal Woods on Charles. The onetime special-education teacher will also play Will Smith’s nemesis in this summer’s Bad Boys 2. “I’m glad I started acting at a later age,” says Ellsworth, “because I already had a good hold of who I am.”

What a catch: Port Charles costar Erin Hershey Presley observes, “Kiko’s got amazing eyes. I swore for the first year we worked together he was wearing contacts.” Better yet, she reveals, “he’s a great kisser! He’s got these big, soft lips that practically swallowed me when we had kissing scenes.”

Dream girl: “She’s outgoing and can relate to the little girl inside her. Very bubbly and happy,” Ellsworth says, “yet sexy at the same time.”


Good news for Ellsworth—baring his fangs on daytime’s Port Charles could be a smart career move…

Kevin Venardos


Age: 27

Height: 6’4″

Status: Never married

Residence: No fixed address; he’s on the road 50 weeks a year and lives in a Ringling Bros, and Barnum & Bailey Circus train car.

Education: Ithaca College, B.F.A.

CV: After touring in a musical version of Curious George, Venardos answered an ad for “circus ringmaster.” Asked to audition, Venardos says he “had no idea what was at stake. I just knew the ringmaster sang.” He won the job in October 2000 and recently signed up for another 2½-year hitch. “This job found me,” he says. “I will tell my grandchildren about the circus and amaze them.”

What a catch: “He’s just a sweet, natural, Pisces kind of guy. He’s always in the best mood,” says Ringling Bros, aerialist Sylvia Zerbini. “All the Brazilian showgirls are in love with him.” Venardos even dated one. “Unfortunately,” he says, “she had to return to Brazil.” Still, he’s hopeful: “If I got married while I’m on the road, my wife could come with me and live on the train. I have a third of a Pullman car that is generously appointed.”

Dream girl: “I find quieter women, in general, more exciting,” says Venardos. “The ones with all the show out there don’t always have the wheels turning inside, you know.”

Richard Wiese


Age: 43

Height: 6’1″

Status: Never married

Residence: A Manhattan apartment

Education: Brown University, B.S.

CV: As president of the Explorers Club, a New York City-based nonprofit group dedicated to promoting field research and scientific exploration, Wiese doesn’t earn a salary. But he has met club members Neil Armstrong and John Glenn. “The access to my kind of heroes has been incredible,” says the adventurer, who has led an expedition to Antarctica and taken a geological sampling on a Tanzanian volcano. The Long Island native and former Ford model is also a documentary producer and an Emmy-winning TV reporter.

What a catch: “He has a greater appreciation for the qualities that make a woman beautiful—intelligence and charm, sophistication and a good heart,” explains Wiese’s longtime friend and Brown roommate Jeff Stolzer. “I’m very loyal,” says Wiese. “And I try to think about making the other person happy.”

Dream girl: The world traveler looks forward to settling down with “a partner, a best friend. Someone who is curious, with a spirit of adventure.”

Ron Young Jr.


Age: 26

Height: 6’3″

Status: Divorced

Residence: A house in Fort Hood, Texas

Education: Attended Southern Polytechnic State University

CV: Growing up in Lithia Springs, Ga., Ron Young Jr. dreamed of flying jets, but after three years of college he learned he could fly Apache helicopters in the Army, so he enlisted. On March 23, during his first combat mission in the Iraqi war, he and copilot Chief Warrant Officer David Williams were shot down and held captive for 22 days. A Mormon, Young spent the first 12 hours in prison on his knees praying. Marines rescued Young, Williams and five other POWs on April 13. He still wants to fly jets but says that he will probably pursue that goal in the National Guard. The father of a 1-year-old son after a brief marriage, Young says, “The military is not conducive to the family environment I’d like to have.”

What a catch: “Ron is a magnet,” says Babs Raines, the mother of an ex-girlfriend. “We all love him. He is affectionate, quickwitted and romantic. Just a gift from God.”

Dream girl: “She knows what she wants out of life, has gone to college and can carry on a good conversation,” he says. “And good morals and ethics are important to me—you’d be surprised at some of the folks you meet.”


When Young, who had lost more than 20 lbs., was rescued (here, boarding a flight to Kuwait), he announced he felt like he had “won the lottery of life.”