By People Staff
December 26, 2005 12:00 PM

Jennifer Aniston

“I danced and played more in the last two months than in the last 10 years,” she said recently. The new outlook? Give much of the credit to beau Vince Vaughn, Aniston’s costar in next year’s The Break-Up. Her face beams at red-carpet events and on the cover of this month’s GQ, which named her Woman of the Year. She’s starred in four films in six months, reconciled with her estranged mother, and is even talking to Brad. Weathering a transition year, she’s said, “I wouldn’t change any of it, because I like who I am and am continuing to become.”

Britney & Kevin


Rumors aside, 2005 was one big bundle of joy

Days after her September 2004 wedding to Kevin Federline, Britney Spears already had a vision of how she would spend 2005. “I can see myself as a mom. Next year at 23, I am so there,” she told PEOPLE. Sure enough, by April, she had a special announcement to make: “We are expecting our first child together,” she wrote on her Web site. From then on, the year became all about nesting: renovating the Malibu homestead, buying baby clothes, no more hectic touring schedule. When Sean Preston arrived just four days before the couple’s first wedding anniversary, Spears’s maternal mission was complete. The marriage, however, remains a work in progress. Recent reports have Federline sounding off about how unhappy he is. Don’t be surprised if Britney’s next T-shirt reads, “We’ll see how long it lasts.”

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Brad & Angelina


Globe trotting, aiding the needy, tending to their two children…and not a hint of jet lag! This hardworking couple deserve a moment in the sun


Aronson, Jane. Jolie’s friend, the kids’ doctor, head of the Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

Beverly Hills. Jolie and Pitt are reportedly house-hunting there.

Cambodia. Maddox’s birthplace, where Angelina has dual citizenship.

Davos, Switzerland. In January she appeared on a panel at the World Economic Forum discussing the plight of refugees.

Ethiopia. Zahara’s birthplace.

Flying lessons. She got a pilot’s license; Brad’s learning too.

Good Shepherd. Jolie’s upcoming thriller with Matt Damon and Robert De Niro.

Humanitarian. She received the 2005 Global Humanitarian Action Award from the U.N.

IHOP. Arizona pancake house where the duo ate breakfast in August.

Jesse Jame. Pitt’s new villain role.

Kenya. Scene of the couple’s first photographed hookup.

Live 8. She turned out to support his pet project.

Maddox Jolie. Age 4.

Niger. Jolie was filming a documentary there when she heard of the Pitt/Aniston split.

On-set sparks. During filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Parenthood. What Pitt always yearned for.

Quiet retreat. Their temporary home outside Calgary, Alta.

Rumors. Stories that she was pregnant, that they’d married, etc.

Speeches. She gave more than a dozen in as many months.

Temporary tattoo kit. Jolie bought one for Maddox at a New York City art store.

United Nations. She’s a goodwill ambassador for the UNHCR and sponsor of a U.N. Millennium Village.

Voight. Name of her father, from whom she remains estranged.

W magazine. Ran their steamy 60-page photo-essay in July.

X-mas tree shopping. A family affair earlier this month in Malibu.

Yéle Haiti. Charity for empowerment of Haitian citizens, supported by Jolie.

Zahara Jolie. Age 11 months.

Angelina Speaks Out

  • On her children
  • “It is important for my children to continue to see all sides of life. To be balanced and respect all people. I want them to be as at home in a Third World country as they are in the States.”
  • Cambodia
  • “First place I learned about land mines and refugees but most of all tolerance. All they have suffered, and they remain smiling. I will watch with pride as Maddox discovers his ancestry.”
  • Unaccompanied Children’s Act
  • “I visited a detention center and was shocked to find that unaccompanied children who enter this country seeking asylum would be expected to represent themselves in court with no legal assistance. Meaning a girl from Africa or China who was trafficked for slavery or sex even if she is only 11 years old and can’t speak English—still she is not given legal assistance. It is a flaw in our laws. An inhumane way to treat children. I pray this bill passes. Anything anyone can do to push their representatives, I hope they do.”

Where in the World Were Brad and Angelina?

•Alberta, Canada

Aug.-Dec. On location for Pitt’s Jesse James movie.

•Mexico City

6/8 Mr. & Mrs. Smith premiere.

  • New York City
  • 10-plus visits for filming and charity events.
  • England
  • 6/23 Visit to her Buckinghamshire estate.
  • Switzerland
  • 1/27 Davos—economic summit. 11/23 Geneva—refugee briefings.
  • Morocco
  • 4/30 She visits him on location.
  • Ethiopia
  • 2/24-2/28 Her MTV film. Early July She adopts Zahara.
  • Pakistan
  • 11/24 Aiding earthquake victims.


11/28 Mr. & Mrs. Smith premiere.

  • Kenya
  • 4/19 Diani beach romp. 5/28-5/30 Trip with U.N. poverty expert Dr. Jeffrey Sachs.

Tom & Katie


They’re in love, they’re engaged, they’re pregnant! Hop aboard the Tom and Katie romance express

[This article contains a table. Please see hardcopy of magazine or PDF.]

[This article contains a table. Please see hardcopy of magazine or PDF.]

Nick & Jessica


The roller-coaster year on a dramatic note


Let’s shed a tear for Nick Lachey (Who knew it wouldn’t last?) As he and lovely Jessie Put their marriage in the past.

All summer long the rumors flew; They’re on, they’re off, it’s over. Her ring is gone, her ring’s back on. Does someone have a lover?

Was it just some random Hazzard That doomed Nick’s happy life—Or Papa Joe who oversaw Each aspect of her life?

So start your life anew, Nick, With charm and grace and looks, But without your lovely Jessie —Or her Daisy Dukes