By People Staff
July 07, 2003 12:00 PM

Those arms, those thighs!


What they’re saying: Forget Helen—it’s Troy’s Achilles, played by buffer-than-ever Brad Pitt, who could launch a thousand ships.

How he fills out that armor so nicely: Observers in Valletta, Malta, where Pitt, 39, along with Sharon Stone and The Hulk‘s Eric Bana, is shooting Troy, a cinematic take on Homer’s Iliad, report that he and his trainer have hit the machines at two local gyms, focusing on short reps with heavy weights. Pitt—who denied British tab reports of steroid use—has a private gym in his rented villa.

What he’s eating: Malta’s in the Mediterranean—how wrong can you go ordering the fish? Pitt popped up at a sushi restaurant and has also been seen dining (with visiting spouse Jennifer Aniston) on beef tenderloin with goat cheese. With all that gym time he shouldn’t have to worry about packing on pounds.

Heavenly Body


What they’re saying: Who knew she could get even hotter?

How she got divine: Diaz, 30, along with costars Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu, worked for four months with martial-arts trainer Cheung-Yan Yuen, using punching bags and lifting weights, In addition, Diaz “surfed for the movie,” says producer Leonard Goldberg, “and she’s been surfing ever since.”

Amazing at 40


Why the fuss?

Moore, 40, ends her self-imposed exile from Hollywood by unveiling her best-ever bikini shape.

Does she ever eat?

“She doesn’t have a special diet,” says an inside source. “Most of the time she eats what the kids eat.”

Is she for real?

Despite rumors that she’s had plastic surgery on everything from her tummy to her breasts, Moore “just has that kind of body,” says a friend. She swims and Rollerblades at home in Idaho and trained with martial-arts expert (and ex-beau) Oliver Whitcomb to perfect her Angels fighting style.

Fighting Trim


What they’re saying: In Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (due out July 25), Jolie is hotter than bootlegged software.

How she got that way: “Having a baby in my life is a lot of exercise,” says Jolie, 28, of son Maddox, 2. “Especially now that he’s a toddler.”

Who’s she kidding?: She also ate plenty of protein and did rock climbing and weight-lifting and used the rowing machine with trainer Gunnar Peterson. Says Peterson: “She came to me and she was lean. I don’t think she’s someone who gets out of shape.”

Problem you wish you had: “My breasts get in the way of action movies,” Jolie said earlier this year. “I’m not knocking them. It’s just that they restrict my movements at times.”

Mama Mia!


What they’re saying: Baby? What baby? Parker, 38, got back into eye-popping shape by walking, doing circuit training and yoga after giving birth last October. “She can definitely still wear skimpy outfits,” says a Sex and the City set regular.

What she eats: A lot. “She’ll put down a T-bone, no problem,” says costar Chris Noth. “She burns it off.”

Don’t hate her: “It’s just genetics,” Parker has said of her megametabolism. “I don’t deserve it.”


2 Hot 2 Believe


What they’re saying: A body worth driving all night for!

How he got those fine abs: “During breaks in the filming of 2 Fast 2 Furious,” says manager Jerome Martin, Tyrese, 24, “did crunches.”

The truth: “I don’t like working out,” says the R & B star. “I eat what I’m hungry for. And I stay home and sleep.”

Less in More


What they’re saying: Despite cheering her cleavage-baring turn in Chicago, many love the Queen’s recent breast reduction.

Why she did it: “Her back was bothering her. She’s more comfortable now,” says stylist Susan Moses. “And it’s easier for clothes to fit. But then, when you’re the Queen, they will make adjustments.”

Other losses: Latifah, 33, took off over 25 lbs. since last year by kickboxing and hiking. “She enhanced what was always there,” says trainer Kacy Duke.

Her goal? “Her focus isn’t to be a waif,” says Moses. “She works out for health.”

Her biggest asset: Confidence. A standout among the size 0s, Latifah has said, “I’m cool with myself. If I can’t have the body of Angie Bassett, so be it.”


No Bones About Her


What they’re saying: She’s still thin, but much fleshed out.

Eating it up: With those 12-hour days of filming Ally McBeal long over, the actress now has plenty of time for meals at California Pizza Kitchen with her beau, Harrison Ford, 60, and son Liam, 2 1/2. Says Flockhart, 38: “I think I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.”

Finding balance: “I run when I can, I walk my dog a lot, and chase Liam a lot,” says Flockhart. “We go to the beach and to the park.” Says Gary Kobat, her spinning instructor for the past two years: “Calista eats a well-balanced mix of proteins, carbs and fats.”

Looking forward: “Last time she came to me, she wanted to learn how to live longer, better and healthier,” says Kobat. “She has a great outlook.”


Too Thin?


What they’re saying: Almost impossibly, the waifish former Practice star looks even skinnier.

She responds: “I eat pizza, I eat cookies. I’m fine,” said Boyle, 33, last year. “Everyone’s a critic!” Other women are equally thin, she has noted, but hide the fact with breast implants, which Boyle maintains she will never have: “I’m not a fan of severely altering what God gave us.”

Friends say: “Lara’s one of the most beautiful women in the world,” says Dylan McDermott. “People always find something to pick on: You’re too big or too small. That’s why actors get paid a lot, and that’s why they’re so crazy. They put up with a lot.”

The official word: “I see her all the time,” says her rep, Karynne Tencer. “She doesn’t look any different.”


Dangerous Curves


What they’re saying: The woman who wrote “Bootylicious” (a song about looking hot despite putting on pounds from her two vices, fries and popcorn shrimp) has lost weight, but she’s still all that.

How she trimmed down: “You know what she does?” says Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child. “She avoids carbs and she’ll run for miles. She’s always been like, ‘I want to take a little off here and here,’ but she looks perfect now.”

Mom’s view: Beyoncé, 21, “is very curvy,” says Tina Knowles, who designs many of her daughter’s outfits. “It can be an effort not to make her look too sexy.”

More Is More


What they’re saying: The tiny popster put on some padding for her tour with Justin Timberlake. “She’s got curves and looks good as ever,” says Redman, who rapped on her song “Dirrty.” “People need to back up if they’re trying to give her s— about how she looks.”

How she did it: Aguilera, 22, started boxing and hired nutritionist Matt Mahowald, who nixed her candy habit and added protein shakes.

How she feels: “I’ve grown up a little bit, and I’ve gotten a little thicker, which I like.”

Lots to Love


What she’s got: Killer curves and a booty that’s redefined beauty

How she keeps it: “Clean living,” says trainer Gunnar Peterson. That, and up to six workouts a week (including squats and lunges for back-end upkeep). Her diet? “No artificial stuff.”

Her limits: Lopez, 33, is antisurgery, says makeup artist Scott Barnes. “She’s like, ‘Love me or leave me.’ ”

Court Form

At one end of the spectrum at Wimbledon this week is Slovakia’s Daniela Hantuchova, 20, whose trainer denies she has an eating disorder. At the other is chiseled Serena Williams, 21. Williams works out with resistance bands, and, she says, “my body is naturally like this.”