Demi & Selena Inside Their Friendship!

Who takes longer to get ready? What TV shows do they love? The scoop on how they hang out


What’s your favorite thing to do together?

Selena: Everything

Demi: Yeah!

Selena: We enjoy doing everything together. But our favorite is to just chill at each other’s houses.

Demi: Definitely. We love watching movies too. Like on Halloween we watched so many scary movies together. It was awesome.

When you actually do go out together, who takes longer to get ready?

[Both girls laugh out loud]

Selena: She does! I come over before we leave, and I’ll just sit there and play music. For me, it’s five or 10 minutes and I go. I’m out the door. But she freaks out!

Who got more screen time with the big purple dinosaur on Barney & Friends?

Selena: Some kid named Grayson got more screen time than us!

Demi: [Laughs] BJ and Baby Bob.

Selena: They had 10 kids on Barney, and they alternated them. But we were always together. When we’d open up scripts and see each other’s names, we’d get really excited.

What’s your favorite TV show?

Demi: Friends!

Selena: And Will & Grace. The canceled shows.

Demi: Oh, and Family Guy.

Which song is your “You go girl!” song you rock out to?

Selena: Our girl song would have to be “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson.

Demi: Oh my gosh! For years we have loved that song!

Selena: That song has gotten us through good times, and it’s gotten us through rough times.

Dancing with the Stars or American Idol?

Selena: American Idol.

Demi: Cody Linley was on Dancing with the Stars, so I guess Dancing with the Stars.

Selena: Kelly Clarkson was on American Idol.

Demi: Both! Both are pretty cool.

Robert Pattinson or Zac Efron?

Demi: Robert Pattinson.

Selena: Zac Efron.

What’s each of your worst habits?

Demi: For breakfast, I’ll eat cereal or fruit, like a really healthy breakfast, and she wakes up and she’s got like Doritos with nacho cheese. I can’t eat a breakfast like that.

Selena: Her worst habit is, ever since she’s had bangs, she does this a lot [Selena flips her bangs] to fix them.

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