By People Staff
February 25, 2002 12:00 PM

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Their husbands died on Sept. 11. Their babies were born afterward. Meet 31 brave women who are rebuilding their lives


1. Evelyn Rodriguez with Morgan

2. Stacey Staub with Juliette

3. Andrea Russin with Olivia and Ariella

4. Vycki Higley with Robyn

5. Jennifer Bowman with Jack

6. Linda Dickinson with Patrick

7. Lisa Reina with Joseph

8. Taryn McHale with Collin

9. Tammy Perconti with Julia

10. Elaine Lyons with Mary

11. Paulina Cardona with Joshua

12. Mindy Gabler with Alexis

13. Kellie Lee with Allison

14. Baraheen Ashrafi with Farqad

15. Kimberly Statkevicus with Chase

16. Susan Retik with Dina

17. Gigi Nelson with Lyndsi

18. Holli Silver with Danielle

19. Jeannine McIntyre with Lauren

20. Courtney Acquaviva with Paul

21. Jenna Jacobs with Gabriel

22. Dawn Shay with Jonathan

23. Dena Smagala with Alexa

24. Jacqueline Milam with Ron

25. Jennifer Maerz with Noelle

26. Maria Ryan with Colin

27. Carolann Larsen with August

28. Nancy Taylor with Luke

29. Jane Terrenzi with Elizabeth

30. Ronda Boyle with Nathan

31. Jennifer Tarantino with Jason