By People Staff
April 29, 1974 12:00 PM

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Joan Baez

New life, new songs, new causes

The Symbionese Liberation Army

A closeup look at its strange membership

Actor Bruce Dern

After ‘Gatsby’ no more weirdo roles

Jan Morris

A well-known writer changes from man to woman

Caddie Eddie McCoy

He helped Player win the Masters

Nixon, Sinatra, Brando & Brynner

Stylist Jackie Rogers critiques their hairdos

Marilyn Monroe

Ruckus over the latest book

Cheech & Chong

A comedy team that cracks up the kids

Andes Survivors

Harrowing story of how they stayed alive

Sally Struthers

It’s Gloria Bunker in her nightclub debut

Mine Expert Brian McCauley

U.S. admiral who’ll clear the Suez Canal