By Rennie Dyball
August 06, 2007 12:00 PM


June 1, 2007

9 lbs. 11 oz.

Nothing like a baby to ground a jet-setting lifestyle. “Before the delivery date, my mother kept telling me, ‘It’s going to change your life,'” recalls model Eva Herzigova, 34. “And I was like, ‘Oh, please! Four days after the delivery, I’m gonna be here, I’m gonna be there, and I’m gonna do this.'” But after giving birth to son George on June 1, she says, “I was in the hospital—dead!”

Blame her naïveteé on her too perfect pregnancy. The model—famous for her Wonderbra billboards and currently a Chopard spokeswoman—had (hold your groans) no morning sickness and plenty of delicious cravings. “I never liked dessert before, but during the pregnancy, it was all about chocolate and whipped cream and cakes,” she says. Luckily, the London-based Herzigova had boyfriend of six years, Italian businessman Gregorio Marsiaj, 31, to help stock the fridge. “I had the best support from Greg,” she says.

She still does. When George wakes up during the night, Dad “puts on music and starts dancing with him,” says Herzigova, adding that the boys make adorable bedfellows. “At 6 a.m., I find George in Greg’s arms, remote control in his other hand, with their heads down, sleeping.” As for losing nearly all of the 35 lbs. she put on while pregnant, the new mom admits she’s got an unfairly svelte leg up on other new moms: “It’s my DNA.”

Before she gets back to modeling, movie auditioning and developing her 2009 swimsuit line, Herzigova is adjusting to life with a new boss of the house. “I thought [motherhood] would be like, ‘Hey, you follow me,'” she says with a laugh. “Instead, I’m following him.” And she plans to stay one step behind. Says Herzigova: “I’d like to have a girl. Let’s hope it’s the next one, because if not the next one, it better be the third. And if it’s not the third … let me think about it!”