July 17, 2006 12:00 PM


She had a gold-selling debut album and has a fan in President Bush. But singer Julie Roberts, who just released her second CD, Men & Mascara, still gets confused with that famous actress. Last month in L.A. she had a limo driver who was so excited that he was driving Julia around, he called the paparazzi. After lunch with a pal, “we walked out of the restaurant and a guy with a camera jumped out of the bushes,” says Roberts. “Then he saw it was two blonde girls. He got mad and went back to his bush.”


Roberts was an assistant at Mercury Records in 2003 when a producer played a demo of hers for label head Luke Lewis. He signed her right away. Now she happily spends 36 weeks a year on a tour bus. Being on the road “is my salvation,” she says. Not that she doesn’t miss her roommate, who happens to be her mom, Sandra. Until Roberts can buy Mom “a new car and a new house one day,” they’re sharing a condo. “People think you have a record out and you immediately have a million dollars or even $500,000 or $300,000, and it’s just not that way. I still have student loans!”


To keep off the 20 lbs. she lost after she got signed, the 5′2″ singer, who is dating Carolina Panthers linebacker Jason Kyle, works out six days a week and eats a lot of fish and vegetables. But her mom “buys all my weaknesses,” says Roberts. “I was raised in the South, and that’s how you comfort people: with food.”


When she wore Dolce & Gabbana to 2004’s CMA Awards, Roberts “didn’t even know how to say the names of those people!” she says. Now, “I’m a girlie girl.” If only people would stop confusing her with other girls. When Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist approached her table at the Palm in Nashville recently, he introduced himself by saying, “Hi, Miss Hill.” “I said, ‘I’m not Faith Hill; I’m Julie Roberts!'”

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