Who's the future singer behind the My Little Pony mask? Or the Cover Girl clowning with her kids? Stars share some of their favorite disguises and memories

By People Staff
November 04, 2002 12:00 PM

“We had a blast!” singer REBA McENTIRE (left, with pal Sandi Spika) says of her ’00 I Love Lucy look. “Since I was a kid, I have admired Lucy.”

In’82, TORI SPELLING, 9, and brother RANDY wore Roaring ’20s chic. “We were like mini-adults,” she says.

“She didn’t want her face showing, because she wanted to be My Little Pony, not BEYONCÉ,” says Tina Knowles of her singer daughter (at age 4 in 1985). “She had to have everything My Little Pony.”

“Aren’t our pumpkins cute?” asks model clown CHRISTIE BRINKLEY of Alexa (“a glamor girl”), flower-bouquet Sailor (with dad Peter Cook) and Superman Jack Paris in 1998.

Meow! “My mother forced me to wear this outfit,” says The View‘s LISA LING (at age 6 in 79). “I actually won $50 in a contest.”

“I had dreams of riding in the Wild West,” says DICK CLARK (at age 5 in ’34). “This was as close to that dream as my parents would allow.”

Take one white sheet, some black tape, one wise-guy actor and—bada-bing!—James the Daddy Ghost. “I made my costume myself,” says Sopranos star JAMES GANDOLFINI (with his son Michael, 3, at a benefit in Manhattan on Oct. 20). “My son chose it for me. Looks good, right? I’ll wear it again on Halloween, now that I have it.”