By People Staff
July 18, 1991 12:00 PM

Goodness had nothing to do with brat packers playing Wild West legends in Young Guns. Cuteness did. And cuteness probably will have a lot to do with the appeal of Mobsters, a view of the youthful years of such underworld luminaries as Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel and Frank Costello—portrayed, respectively, by Christian Slater, Patrick Dempsey, Richard Grieco and Aussie import Mandylor. An Australian mafioso? “I’ve lost most of that twang,” says Mandylor, who moved to Los Angeles in 1987. “I’ve been trying to get that mid-U.S.A., nowhere kind of can’t-tell-where-I’m-from thing.” Besides, while growing up Down Under, the actor—a son of Greek immigrants—watched hoods operate outside the seedy nightclub owned by an uncle. “It wasn’t always pretty.” But Mandylor is undeniably cute. (He won’t say whom he’s dating, but we hear it’s actress Talisa Soto, 24, who has appeared twice as a James Bond fern me fatale.) A professional soccer player until hobbled by shinsplints, he hasn’t given up entirely on his other sport, boxing, and still spars to keep in shape. “Sometimes in movies,” he says, “a nice face can’t act. I don’t want to have that problem. Hey, I’ll blacken my tooth, pull out my eye, anything to get a decent role.” How about just keep boxing?