March 26, 2014 12:00 PM


Two iconic new heroes are set to explode onto the screen March 21, when Divergent, the latest dystopian young adult novel to leap to the movies, premieres in theaters. In this special issue, the editors of PEOPLE celebrate the futuristic Chicago of Tris and Four (played by Golden Globe nominee Shailene Woodley and newcomer Theo James), who share a dangerous personality trait and a mission to save society. We bring you 66 pages of photos, interviews and behind-the-scenes buzz. You’ll also meet the cast, get Tris’s beauty and style secrets, and learn stories from the costume designer, stunt coordinator and author Veronica Roth. Be selfish. Be brave. Enjoy this issue!

6 Off and Running

Everything you need to know about the Divergent phenomenon and its journey from bestselling novel to big-budget movie

42 Tris

How indie actress (and hippie chick) Shailene Woodley proved to be the perfect choice to play the Divergent heroine

46 Four

Get to know Theo James, the actor who charmed his way into Divergent and is set to become a hot new hunk

64 Dressing the Cast

The movie’s costume designer shares his sketches and styling strategies

66 Getting into Fighting Shape

How Shailene Woodley trained to play Tris

68 Creating the Tattoos

The head of the movie’s makeup department reveals the secrets to the body art

74 Get Tris’s Look

Here’s how to put together the relaxed, bohemian look of the heroine from Abnegation

76 Shop the Pit!

Want to look like you belong to Dauntless? Here are some accessories (including an actual bracelet from the set) that can help you pull it off

78 Simple Beauty

From foundation to eyeliner, here’s a step-by-step guide to achieving Tris’s low-maintenance but high-impact makeup

ON THE COVER Photograph by Nels Israelson/Summit Entertainment. Insets, from top: Nels Israelson/Summit Entertainment; Jaap Buitendijk/Summit Entertainment

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