By People Staff
August 01, 1999 12:00 PM

2 Prince of Camelot

By the time he was 3, John had absorbed important and painful lessons in privilege, loss and life under relentless lights

4 The White House Years

With disarming innocence and unstoppable energy, this playful child brought a fresh perspective to a stodgy old house

13 The First Toddler

Veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas recalls welcoming a baby on board at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

16 Fiercely Protected

With a firm but loving hand, Jackie resolved to see her children grow up safe, well-adjusted and free from scandal

28 Leaving the Nest

Even as an amateur thespian, law student and young prosecutor, John made it clear that he was a different kind of Kennedy

34 Boy to Man

Before our eyes, the gangly adolescent turned into a chiseled superstar

44 Pushing the Limits

He was a member of the upper crust, but JFK Jr. loved getting down and dirty—in river rapids and on the football fields and ski slopes

50 John and Caroline

Through tragedy and triumph, brother and sister shared a unique bond

56 Coming Into His Own

In recent years, John sought publicity for the sake of George—and shunned it when it came to his own good works

60 Soulmates

With the stylish and perfectly poised Carolyn Bessette at his side, JFK Jr. embraced married life

69 Dynasty

Reared apart from his rough-housing cousins, John found his separate place within the Kennedy clan

72 Above the Clouds

By earning his pilot’s license, he realized a lifelong dream that would sadly seal his destiny

75 Remembering John

America claimed him as its own, but those close to him recall the private John—husband and son, businessman and friend

82 John on John

A sampling of his own thoughts on politics, privacy and the paparazzi

84 Farewell

His family takes a favorite son back to the sea