September 01, 1997 12:00 PM

4 Inside PEOPLE

Photographer Jayne Fincher looks back at Princess Diana, whom she covered for 17 years and came to know well

6 The People’s Princess

In a lifelong quest for love, Diana touched the hearts of millions

9 The Little Girl Lost

Hers was a bittersweet childhood of privilege—and divorce

15 Princess in Training

Living with friends in London, Diana spent her happiest days as a young kindergarten assistant before becoming betrothed to a prince

24 Royal Wedding

With much fanfare, the world witnessed the ceremony of the century

34 Inside the Palace

Suffering from bulimia and postpartum depression, Diana fought to reclaim her husband and forge her own royal role

57 End of the Fairy Tale

An incompatible marriage led to an unthinkable separation

69 On Her Own

After her divorce, Diana gained courage, composure and self-confidence

78 Goodbye England’s Rose

A shocking automobile accident cut short a remarkable life and left an entire world in mourning

91 Formal Portraits

studio photographers captured her growth—and her essence

100 Mummy

Diana’s life—and legacy—were the sons she wanted to be a new breed of Windsor

114 Queen of Hearts

The unpretentious princess possessed the common touch and thrived on comforting the afflicted

124 Ambassador of Style

Diana transcended the trends and broke the rules, becoming the most formidable fashion icon of her time

138 Remembering Diana

Longtime Mends and acquaintances recall her vibrant spirit

160 Farewell

A tribute from Elton John

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