April 04, 2011 12:00 PM

She’s only 3 months old, but Malena James is destined for a tutu. “I’m sure she’ll end up onstage,” says her dad, Constantine Maroulis. “I’d love to get her in ballet classes and see where it goes.” She’s got the genes for it: Maroulis, 35, the former American Idol finalist turned Tony nominee, met her mom, dancer Angel Reed, 36, in 2008 when they started rehearsing the Broadway musical Rock of Ages. Though not currently a couple, “we’re best friends, and all our focus is on our baby,” he says. Malena has also gotten plenty of attention from doting relatives (“She’s got a Greek family,” says Dad), and her Broadway family’s next. “I can’t wait for our softball league this summer; everyone brings their kids,” says Maroulis. Until then, he’s keeping up with Malena’s milestones on Skype while he’s touring with Rock of Ages-and planning for her future. Ballet slippers, check. Next? “I’m already thinking,” he says, “about her college fund!”

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