By People Staff
October 25, 1993 12:00 PM

STYLE STRENGTH: Savvy yet smashing

TABLOID TEASER: “There’s no telling what I have on below the waist!”

She earns a reported $2 million-plus a year and, at 5’3½”, weighs in at just 110 pounds. But Connie Chung, 47, insists that neither figure (fiscal or physical) is as important to how she dresses as this fact: “If I don’t wear jackets, I have no shoulders.” Hence the closets in the six-room Manhattan apartment she shares with talkmeister hubby Maury Povich, 54, are a “veritable parade of [well-padded] blazers.” In every city in America, she says, “you’ll see a woman anchoring the news wearing the same goofy red jacket.”

Far from Any City, U.S.A., Dan Rather’s coanchor and the host of Eye to Eye is proof that a working woman can wed propriety with pizzazz. She has to wear “something attractive but not distracting, so that the viewer concentrates on what I’m saying.” Her “practicality surpassed only by my favorite emotion, guilt,” she won’t buy anything she can’t wear on TV. Weekends, she opts for jeans and sneakers. She shops solo (“Maury hates shopping with me”) and snappy (“I try on a few things and I’m out of there”). Wincing when she views “old tapes where I’m wearing polyester pantsuits with pointy collars,” Chung now runs the gamut from the Gap to Valentino and is a die-hard classicist. “You won’t,” she promises, “catch me wearing the waif look on the news.”