By People Staff
March 18, 1974 12:00 PM

The oil embargo has created waiting lines at neighborhood service stations around the country that range from bad to ghastly, especially in the big cities. To save gas, all states have reduced speed limits, and some have set up rationing systems. Motorists, meanwhile, no longer have to be persuaded that there is an energy crisis; the idea has had plenty of time to sink in during those long hours inching toward the pumps. Witness the scene at a Gulf station in particularly hard-hit Manhattan, where drivers wait with a mixture of frustration, despair, anger and utter boredom. Occasionally there is a case like that of business executive Albert Weiner, below right, who suffered the ultimate indignity—running out of gas while waiting in line to buy it. Mr. Weiner looked suitably put upon, a mood of resignation not exactly shared by aggressive 4-year-old Sharon Kunschner, below, who upon reaching the pumps with her mother, let all her impatience and fury hang out.