November 15, 1993 12:00 PM

TO BE AN EASTWOOD IS TO BE STRONG IN the face of adversity, and Kimber Eastwood, the oldest daughter of actor and Oscar-winning director Clint Eastwood, 63, runs true to type. A year after moving from Denver to Los Angeles to launch an acting career, she is finding roles hard to come by. In fact, her own father turned her down for a minor part in his next picture, A Perfect World. “He’s waiting for the right part and the right time,” says Kimber, 29, on a break from waiting tables at a Los Angeles restaurant. “It’s tough, but I’m willing to keep trudging along.”

Not much has come easy to Eastwood. The product of a youthful romance between her father and actress Roxanne Tunis on the set of Rawhide, her father’s hit ’60s TV series, Kimber says Clint “was always there” emotionally and financially—though while she was growing up in the L.A. suburb of Sherman Oaks, she would see her father, she says, “every three or four months.” It wasn’t until recently that she met Clint’s two children from his marriage to Maggie Johnson (Kyle, 25, a musician, and Alison, 21, an actress), and she has yet to meet his girlfriend of four years, Frances Fisher, and their new baby, Francesca Ruth. (Yet there were moments of parental largesse. Just before her 16th birthday, Clint called Kimber to ask her favorite color. Yellow, she told him. A couple of months later, he had a canary Camaro left in her driveway.)

Twice married and divorced, Kimber, with Clinton, her 9-year-old son by her first marriage, to a Marine at 19, now lives in her mother’s house in Sherman Oaks, and she pounds the pavement like any other aspiring actress. “Each audition is a learning experience,” she says. “I’m just there to do the best I can. I’m determined to make it.”

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