December 23, 1985 12:00 PM

Sean Penn by Janet Gough

“Someone called me and said Penn would be at Chinois, a Santa Monica restaurant. I waited for him to come out, me and a couple of other photographers. Soon as he saw us he ran back into the restaurant and put a jacket on his head. He never poses. That night he even started spitting on us. He was with Madonna. When she saw us, she ran back into the restaurant and put a coat on her head, too.”

Madonna by David McGough

“I took this at the Palladium in New York, at a party for Madonna. No one knew that she was going to dance onstage. She was above me so I held my camera over my head and began shooting. I didn’t look through the viewfinder. The problem is they released large, heart-shaped pieces of confetti, so I had to shoot between them. You can see one in the picture, above her bracelet.”

Prince William by Alan Davidson

“I had to take this with a remote-control camera, because I’m one of the photographers in the picture, albeit difficult to identify. When I saw how many photographers had shown up to snap the Prince on his first day of nursery school, I knew that a picture from William’s point of view would make a good shot. It was all very spur of the moment. I called a photography rental company and had them rush me a remote camera. I asked the press secretary for the Royal Family if I could place it on a window sill behind them. He said no. So I went to the house next door and asked the owner to hold the camera. Then I fired it with an infrared signal from across the road. The man asked for a fee so I paid him £75, roughly $100.”

Farrah Fawcett by Russell C. Turiak

“By the beginning of January Farrah was eight months pregnant, but nobody had gotten a picture. So one weekend I watched her beach house to see if the lights came on, if anybody was home. My van has small, dark windows, so I can see out and take pictures without being noticed. On Monday morning photographer Philip Ramey and I—we call ourselves the Exclusive Brothers—drove past the house and noticed the garage door was open. Farrah made a brief appearance, barefoot and pregnant. Our timing couldn’t have been better.”

Claus and Andrea by Brian Quigley

“I was covering Claus von Bülow’s trial in Providence, R.I. and got to know Andrea Reynolds, his mistress. And let’s put it this way: She’s not publicity shy. She let me and other photograhers know she and Claus were going to church on Sunday and would be leaving when Mass ended, about 11 a.m. I got to the church as Mass started but they didn’t show up. Twenty minutes later they arrived in a taxi. They walked into the church, stayed about 10 minutes, then walked out, solemnly, with their missals. I could never figure out what Andrea was trying to do since at the time the jury was sequestered and couldn’t see any newspapers. But she did know how to stage a media event. And she’s one of the most cooperative subjects I’ve ever dealt with.”

Brooke ‘n’ buns by Brian Quigley

“I found out in USA Today that Brooke Shields was celebrating her 20th birthday at a Chinese restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. I called Chinese restaurants until I found out which one. I got shots of her arriving. Then, as I was taking a picture of her through the restaurant window, her security guard came out and said to me, ‘Why are you bothering her when you know she’s going to be at Chippendale’s later?’ I didn’t know. So I hopped on my bicycle and rode to Chippendale’s, a club that features male strippers. I know the PR lady there and she let me in. Since they don’t allow men on the main floor during the show I hid out on a balcony where the choreographer sits. I got lots of photos, but I like this one best.”

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