By People Staff
Updated December 25, 1989 12:00 PM

Watch the birdies! Snapped while filming The Freshman in New York last June, Marlon Brando gave photographer Albert Ferreira the internationally accepted signal for “not now, thanks, but I appreciate your asking.”

Inevitably, Greta Garbo’s passion for privacy has made her the paparazzi’s Holy Grail. Ted Leyson took this rare picture of the now 84-year-old actress as she sat in a limo outside her Manhattan apartment.

Word was, Warren Beatty and Madonna were dating, but photographic evidence was scarce. Kevin Winter supplied same when the pair arrived at Chinois restaurant in Santa Monica for her 31st birthday.

Morton Downey Jr.’s bizarre tale of an attack by skinheads scuttled his credibility and then his TV show. John Storey’s portrait illustrated a slight problem with Downey’s account: The swastika was backwards.

A boat, a beauty and the deep blue sea: All Ted Kennedy lacked on this fine day in Saint-Tropez, alas, was a little privacy. A paparazzo who wishes to remain nameless admired from afar.

Not everyone is shutter-bugged; some celebs like photographers. Ivana Trump obliged with a wink for Victor Malafronte at her very own Plaza Hotel.

Mike Tyson’s odd coif comes from being a front man for boxing promoter Don King—who is actually standing behind the champ. Russell Turiak cropped the shot in Atlantic City.

On his way home from Minnesota, where he underwent brain surgery, Ronald Reagan doffed his cap to reveal the first presidential punk hairdo. Jim Mone caught his other half, Nancy, trying to hide it.

On Labor Day weekend in Hyannisport, Mass., Paul Adao snapped John Kennedy Jr., with a Rose-sister Caroline’s 14-month-old daughter—on his lapel.

If-those-silly-hats-could-only-talk-what-sophisticated-and-poignantly-ironic-tales-they-could-tell: Ted Leyson found Woody Allen, left, and Dick Cavett strolling through Central Park one day.

Father Time on his way to aerobics class? Nope, it’s then-hirsute financier-turned-felon Ivan Boesky on a three-week prison furlough. Paul Adao nabbed his man in Connecticut.