December 31, 1990 12:00 PM

Impossible lips. Improbable curves. Eyes that say not only, “Come hither,” but, indeed, “I mean NOW!” Could it be that Claudia Schiffer, Germany’s softly pneumatic über model and Guess? jeans girl, has made the world again safe for a ’50s style, substantial-as-whipped cream sex symbol? She is everywhere, including the retro fantasies of sensitive, post-feminist young men who really, really thought they had outgrown that sort of thing. Discovered in a Düsseldorf disco, she now commands up to $10,000 a day for (barely) donning denim and setting her lower lip at half-mast. Says Chanel designer and Schiffer fan Karl Lagerfeld, “She’s beyond fashion.”

For her part, Schiffer, 21, would like you to know at least three things: 1) She is flattered by frequent comparisons with Brigitte Bardot, “but to say I’m the new Bardot is not correct. Everybody is different”; 2) She really wants to be a lawyer: and 3) She never does anything “deliberately sexy.”

Okay, so book her for pouting without intent.

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