By People Staff
February 27, 2006 12:00 PM

Where does the world’s most glamorous couple go to get away from it all? The world’s most romantic city, where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have rented an Eiffel Tower-view apartment since attending the Davos economic forum earlier this month. Since arriving in Paris, the pair have gone native, wearing all black, enjoying cafe culture and taking kids Maddox, 4, and Zahara, 1, to see tigers and clowns at the 154-year-old Cirque d’Hiver, a cherished local institution. Still, Jolie, who is scaling back on charity fieldwork due to pregnancy, doesn’t intend to take it easy for long. “I plan to try to travel as soon as I can,” she tells PEOPLE. “But during this time I’ll be going to Washington and doing a lot of policy work.” For a few more weeks, at least, it’s vive la France. “We’re just being a family,” says Jolie. “We’re gonna do that for a while.”