Christopher Cuomo

WHEN JOHN F. KENNEDY JR. GOT MARRIED LAST YEAR, HE left New York City’s Most Eligible Bachelor slot wide open. Now another political heir is filling the void. Like his predecessor, Christopher Cuomo, 26, has hot genes (dad Mario, New York’s former governor, was one of Playgirl’s Sexiest Men of 1985), and he has always been in front of the camera. “I have pictures of him in the maternity unit from a man who took pictures of his [own] baby, but thought Christopher was so cute that he kept taking pictures of Christopher,” says mom Matilda. The 6’2″ lawyer and co-founder of the 2030 Center, an advocacy think tank aimed at educating young adults about political issues, plays basketball with his father every Saturday morning and pumps iron regularly, striving to look like his idol—Michelangelo’s David. (The statue, he says, “is perfectly symmetrical.”) Cuomo also has a reputation for being nice. “I wanted to hate him when I first met him, he was so good-looking,” says actress Moon Zappa, who was fixed up with Cuomo on a blind date six months ago and has since become one of his closest friends. “He won me over with his loyalty.”

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