By People Staff
Updated January 08, 2001 12:00 PM

We are in the mood,” purrs DJ Will, “for some real grooovin’.” Broadcasting from a wooden hut in Tortel, a Patagonian village about 900 miles from the Chilean capital, Santiago, the deejay usually known as Prince William then spins a playlist ranging from Bob Marley to Radiohead.

Clearly, the prince himself was groovin’ throughout his 10-week trip to southern Chile, during which he hauled lumber, taught English to local children and even shook his royal bonbon to the beat of a salsa band. Along with 102 Raleigh International volunteers—including youths who’ve had drug or alcohol problems—William, 18, slept in makeshift beds, scrubbed toilets and helped prepare meals. “The living conditions here aren’t exactly what I’m used to,” he admitted to Britain’s Press Association. “You share everything with everyone. I found it very difficult…because I am a very private person. But I learned to deal with it.”

Just in case, two bodyguards were on hand to help protect the prince’s privacy. Still, William seemed to loosen up in his new environment, partying with fellow volunteers at a cafe in Coihaique before heading back to Britain on Dec. 15. “He was so relaxed and having such fun,” says waitress Patricia Sandoval. “His mom would have been proud.”