By People Staff
November 12, 2001 12:00 PM

It was the sort of baby shower even the fastidious Frasier Crane could love: A proper afternoon tea with fine china and heavy silver. Indulging in the cake and crème fraîche on Oct. 20 were 31 women and just one man—Frasier star Kelsey Grammer. “Kelsey was the only man there, and he loved it,” says a longtime friend of Grammer and his wife of four years, former Playboy model Camille. At the party, hosted by Grammer’s Frasier costars Peri Gilpin and Jane Leeves among others, the couple opened piles of presents that included a high chair, baskets of baby supplies and a hand-knit sweater adorned with ladybugs for good luck.

But the best gift arrived four days later, when their 8-lb. 5-oz. baby girl, Mason Olivia, was born to an unidentified surrogate mother. “They are thrilled,” says Grammer’s mother, Sally, 73, who took her son’s excited phone call soon after Mason’s birth. “Everything went smoothly. Kelsey told me, ‘She looks exactly like I do!'”

The couple opted to use a surrogate for the birth after doctors told Camille, 33, that she would probably not be able to carry a baby to full term. Created from Camille’s egg and Grammer’s sperm, Mason is her first child and his third (he has daughters Spencer, 17, and Greer, 9, from previous relationships). Grammer, 46—who brought Mason home to their Malibu mansion on Oct. 27 to a welcoming party of family and friends—is “a proud father,” says a pal. “Mason is doing wonderfully. She’s adorable.” And with the Emmy winner in possession of a record $1.6 million-per-episode contract for Frasier, the college trust fund can probably wait.