June 12, 1978 12:00 PM

Ms. You

“His mother assured me that he is a one-woman man,” says Sharon Haddad, 22, who was hitched to rising star Nick (The Deep) Nolte, 37, in a Las Vegas chapel last month. “Such men are hard to find.” Apparently Karen Ecklund, Nick’s live-in sweetie for the last six years, agrees—she’s suing him for “value of companionship” (about $5 million worth, she reckons), a principle recently legalized in the celebrated Lee Marvin case. Nolte moans that “the marriage business is in chaos in California,” but the newlyweds shrug off prospects of his going from rich man to poor man. “Our relationship is very physical,” says Haddad. “It’s based on sex, and the marriage has to succeed on that level.”

Auld Lange Sign

The megahyped King Kong reaped some 72 million bananas worldwide but fell dismally short of producer Dino De Laurentiis’ ballyhooed goal of out-grossing Jaws ($400 million). His willowy star, Jessica Lange, whom De Laurentiis once tagged the next Marilyn Monroe and who is under contract with him until 1982, has yet to be cast in another of his movies. A De Laurentiis spokesman said she would appear in the now-filming Hurricane, but the part eventually went to Mia Farrow. The reason? Dino, says an associate, decided “that she wouldn’t be able to carry off playing an 18-to-20-year-old and that Mia could.” Jessica is 28. Mia is 33.

Media Culpa

Paul Eckert, candidate for San Diego County supervisor, still believes in freedom of the press, but it’s not easy. Barely a fortnight after the local Borrego Sun misidentified Eckert, a member of Rotary and the Elks, as the California Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, the Oceanside Blade-Tribune got him mixed up with, of all people, gonzo journalist Hunter S. (Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail ’72) Thompson. The paper interviewed them both and its typesetting computers somehow misplaced some of Thompson’s quotes. Eckert opened his afternoon paper to find himself saying that he liked Texas because you can drive around drinking Wild Turkey out of a bottle and be admired by the police; had come to town “to get some coke money”; viewed politics as “a form of self-defense against politicians” and advocated “more people paying more taxes.” After distributing 10,000 copies, the Blade lifted the story and explained, but Eckert frets, “People who hadn’t seen the original didn’t know what to make of the retraction.”

Lay On, Macduff

“I’m not talking about unknown lechers, I’m talking about crowned heads and politicians,” says Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel, 25, who insists she’s been fending off undiplomatic advances since she starred in the soft-core frolic Emmanuelle four years ago. “When I was offered a couple of million dollars, I gave it some consideration. I mean, does it ever become an investment rather than prostitution? And the episode raised an interesting point. Would my agent be entitled to 10 percent?” Sylvia realizes such colorful remarks may be narrowing her dramatic range. “Emmanuelle and I are now like Siamese twins,” she sighs. “It’s going to be a long time before anyone lets me play Lady Macbeth.”

Credit to His Mum

Not for him the chocolate-brown Mercedes, the choice table at Ma Maison…To James Woods—who scored as artist Karl in NBC’s Holocaust—success means that “my mother has become a star in Rhode Island. A few days ago she went to cash a check and found the bank already closed. So she went to the window, pulled a clipping about me from her purse and said through the glass, ‘That’s my son!’ ” She got the cash.


•He hasn’t nailed down the date, but colorful (mainly blue) comedian Buddy Hackett, 53, is planning a bash. “It’s in my will,” says Hackett, “that my funeral is not to cost more than $2,000 and the party afterward is not to cost less than $30,000. There’s going to be naked dancing ladies and California champagne flowing. I’m going to hate to miss it.”

•They hadn’t met in years, so of course things were a bit gushy. “My God, you look wonderful,” burbled Shirley MacLaine, between acts at Las Vegas’ swank Riviera. “Well, you can’t have everything,” blurted Neile Adams McQueen, Steve’s ex, appearing at the less prestigious Union Plaza. “You’ve got the talent and I’ve got the looks!”

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