May 08, 1978 12:00 PM

Holy War

Not long ago, the Vatican made one of its regular attempts to establish full diplomatic relations with Great Britain. But when the British Foreign Office sought the approval of the Anglican Church, the answer was a stony no. The problem is Regnans in Excelsis, the 1570 papal bull which not only excommunicated Queen Elizabeth but urged British subjects to rebel against their heretic queen. The Foreign Office then tactfully asked the Holy See if the offending bull could be revoked. But as a Vatican spokesman explained, “Popes are very chary of suggesting that their predecessors might have been wrong.” The matter was quietly dropped.

Status Cymbal

Though their current 65-city U.S. tour is expected to gross $6 million, British R&B group Foghat only recently received the sign of certain success. Svelte Swede Britt Ekland, 35—whose discards include Peter Sellers, record mogul Lou Adler and Rod Stewart—travels aboard Fog-hat’s Lear jet to keep time with the group’s flamboyant drummer, Roger Earl, 28.

The Lone Litigant

A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty hiyo Silver! Hi-yo Certified Checks too! The Lone Ranger—or rather Clayton Moore, 63, who played the Masked Rider on TV in the ’50s—is again galloping in pursuit of justice: his own. Recently, Moore’s lawyers rode into court and left behind not silver bullets but a $30 million lawsuit against Wrather Corporation, which owns the rights to the Lone Ranger. Moore alleges the company has been using his picture and voice for merchandising purposes without compensation. Ranger Moore plainly has no use for the effete product in question: after-shave lotion.

Senatorial Courtesy

Not the least of the gambits that led to the Senate’s approval of the second Panama Canal treaty, as it turns out, was the work of Russell Long of Louisiana. In the final hours he blocked a motion to extend debate, then suggested that each senator who wanted to make one more speech have it published in the Congressional Record as though it had actually been delivered. “The Record will show that his speech is what determined the outcome,” Long assured drolly. So the impassioned orations of 15 Senators—including Howard Baker, Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy—duly appeared in the Congressional Record without the telltale (and supposedly mandatory) printer’s dot indicating that they were never spoken.

Eggs in His Bier

Everyone else was ankle deep in tears when the cameras started last month for the funeral scene of the forthcoming movie version of Oliver’s Story, but at least one familiar relative was not standing loyally with the bereaved. He’s John Marley, 61, who won a best supporting actor nomination in the Love Story original as Jenny Cavilleri’s father, Phil. “I wouldn’t give a damn,” Marley fumes, “except that Paramount made it sound stupid, saying I wouldn’t do the funeral scene. I can’t understand why they lied.” Rather, Marley claims he’s out because he demanded third billing, and Paramount—backed by the star power of Ryan O’Neal, Candice Bergen, Nicola Pagett and Ray Milland—shrugged and replaced him with the veteran Edward (Night Moves) Binns.


•According to Rome-dwelling author Gore (Kalki) Vidal, “I drifted into being a Roman like Howard Hughes drifted into being a recluse. It just sort of happened. Except, instead of taking drugs, I take pasta.” That may help explain why he is just back from a week’s serious slimming at California’s plush La Costa Spa.

•When a stranger approached her at a Houston bash and inquired tactlessly, “How do you like being known as Liza Minnelli’s sister?” singer Lorna Luft, 25, bristled. Then the questioner introduced herself. After all, Diane Fawcett Walls—Farrah’s elder sibling—has been through it all too.

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