By People Staff
March 13, 1978 12:00 PM

Dragon’s Breath

“What can I tell you? He’s Italian,” sighs whatever-happened-to Toni Tenille, 34, by way of explaining Captain Daryl Dragon’s husbandly strictures on her fledgling acting career. “He doesn’t want me to do roles that could confuse our young fans, like playing an alcoholic, dope addict or prostitute. And no love scenes. To him it’s another man kissing his wife.” So how can Toni cut the Captain’s muster? “I’m kind of limited,” muses the First Mate, “but maybe I could play Lassie’s mother.”

Training Film

The Iranian and Swedish ambassadors dropped in on the bash. So did Illinois’ Sen. Charles Percy and Florida’s Lawton Chiles. Ditto Carter types like Jody Powell and Robert Strauss. And the Washington Post’s Kay Graham and NBC’s David Brinkley. So was the soiree in the vast Pentagon quarters of Secretary of Defense Harold Brown really the Administration’s answer to critics who complain that Washington is a social wasteland? Not exactly. “You may wonder why we’re gathered here,” deadpanned Brown before the group. “But this is really the only way I can get to see a movie.” With that, everyone trooped in to see Annie Hall.

Superhuman Task

Hopeful that their megamovie Superman will set attendance records in a single bound, producers are fighting hard (Thwock! Bam! Wham!) for a family rating. Not only are the Man of Steel’s love scenes with Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) tempered, but buxom Valerie Perrine (as the villainess Eva) has had her voluptuous superstructure squashed, in some sequences, by a soft plastic shield. Superman, played by newcomer Christopher Reeve, presumably will keep his X-ray eyes averted.

Pretty Poison

“At one point I contemplated suicide. Suddenly I understood what Monroe and Garland went through,” sighs unlikely tragedienne Cybill Shepherd, 27, after years of critical calumny for duds like Daisy Miller and At Long Last Love. And that’s not to mention the public’s tsk-tsking of her unmarried life-style with director/mentor Peter Bogdanovich, 38. “A man should be able to have five kids, a wife and a mistress,” Cybill pouts. “And a woman should be able to have a lover—it’s easier to believe he is her fantasy man than if she has to live with him for 15 years.” Does she harbor a secret fantasy? “I still have erotic dreams,” Cybill quivers, “about Norman Mailer.”

Pajama Game

Last summer Beach Boy Dennis Wilson, 33, declared his third marriage, to actress Karen Lamm, a wipeout. Now he’s apparently reconsidering the Fun Fun Fun he’s been missing. Though divorced, Karen and Dennis are living together again—as “roommates”—and are reportedly set to remarry. A sign that compatibility remains where conjugality has fled: Wilson bought two matched pairs of Hollywood’s biggest sleepers—$250 pure silk pj’s from Beverly Hills’ tony Mr. Guy’s boutique.

Anchorman’s Blues

He’s only a long shot to slide behind Walter Cronkite’s desk someday, but CBS White House correspondent and weekend anchorman Bob Schieffer already harbors Network-like worries that entertainment will swamp the news biz. Schieffer is trying to publish a song he’s written, The New American Dream, about a kid in a gas station who becomes an anchorman. Sample lyric: I am going to be a TV anchorman / I’m going to be on the eyewitness team / With razor cut hair / Lapels up to there / I’m the new American dream. And that’s the way it is.


•What Makes a Woman Good in Bed? was the title of author Wendy Leigh’s book—and the question she put to Sonny Bono. Replied Sonny, “Good bloodline, background and breeding.” Leigh later bumped into Cher Bono Allman and relayed Sonny’s remark. Cracked Cher: “It sounds as if he wants a license for a dog, not a woman.”

•He went abroad to study international relations at the London School of Economics, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., 24, may be taking the subject to heart. Fleet Street tongues are wagging that young Kennedy is so smitten with wispy Viva cover girl Rebecca Fraser, 20, Lady Antonia’s daughter, that he’s sharing his Pimlico digs with her.