March 23, 2015 12:00 PM

For March 23, 2015

‘He’s the Homeland baby!’

CLAIRE DANES, joking about her 2-year-old son Cyrus, whom she was pregnant with while filming

‘Nothing bothers me anymore.’

—JOHN MAYER, on not selling as many albums as his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift

‘Choosing not to stress about my baby weight helps me lose baby weight.’

—KRISTEN BELL, on her post-partum health regimen

‘This is why I don’t wear dresses.’

ELLEN DEGENERES, weighing in on #TheDress Internet craze, on her talk show

‘I feel like a man AND a woman!’

—ANDY COHEN, trying on his namesake shoe from Sarah Jessica Parker‘s collection, on Instagram

‘It’s time for me to grow up.’

—JUSTIN BIEBER, after celebrating his 21st birthday

‘I know actors who are miserable no matter what they are doing and complain constantly about their jobs, and I just don’t identify with that at all.’

—MINDY KALING, on being grateful for her acting career

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